UCC Graduate Studies


UCC Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies, University of Cape Coast, has about 5218 graduate students pursuing 241 graduate programmes. The breakdown is 294 PhDs, 679 MPhil/MCom/MN and 4,245 pursuing MA/MEd/MSc/MBA and post graduate diploma/certificate programmes. For the 2015/2016 academic year, the School graduated 2083 students including 50 PhDs.


The vision of the School is to become the hub of an outstanding multi-disciplinary context for graduate training and research for advancing the socio-economic development of Ghana.


The mission of the School is to create a facilitating environment for teaching, learning and training of graduate students and researchers in the fields of the sciences and humanities, equipped with initiative and leadership in key sectors of inter/national endeavour.

Core Value

Accessibility to graduate education
Scholarship and academic excellence
Contribution to knowledge
Collaboration with sister institutions and industry
Maintaining a highly motivated staff and graduate students


M.A Applied French Linguistics (Sandwich)

M.A Bilingual Translation (Sandwich)
M.Phil French Linguistics – Top-up (Sandwich)
M.Phil Infection and Immunity
Ph.D AWBC/UCC PhD Program
M.Phil Hospitality Management
Ph.D Hospitality Management
M.Phil Tourism Management
Ph.D Tourism Management
Ph.D Aquaculture
M.Phil Aquaculture
Ph.D Fisheries Science
M.Phil Fisheries Science
Ph.D Integrated Coastal Zone Management
M.Phil Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Ph.D Oceanography and Limnology
M.Phil Oceanography and Limnology
M.Phil Sociology
M.A Sociology
M.Phil Basic Education
Ph.D Entomology
M.Phil Entomology
Ph.D Wildlife Management
M.Phil Wildlife Management
M.A Health Education
M.Phil Health Education
Ph.D Health Promotion
Ph.D Physical Education
M.Ed Physical Education
M.Phil Physical Education
M.Phil Home Economics
M.Ed Home Economics (Sandwich)
M.Phil Vocational and Technical Education
M.Phil Environmental Science
M.Phil Ghanaian Languages
Ph.D Geography and Regional Planning
M.Phil Geography and Regional Planning
M.A Geography and Regional Planning
Ph.D Ethnomusicology
M.Phil Ethnomusicology
M.Phil Music Education
Ph.D Music Education
Ph.D Music Theory and Composition
M.Phil Music Theory and Composition
M.Phil Irrigation Technology
M.Phil Mechanisation
M.Phil Post – Harvest Technology
M.Phil Administration in Higher Education
M.Ed Educational Administration
M.Phil Educational Administration
M.Phil Educational Planning
Ph.D Qualitative Research
M.Sc Microfinance(Sandwich)
Ph.D Physics
M.Phil Physics (M.Phil)
Ph.D Economics
M.Sc Economics
M.Phil Economics
M.Sc Microfinance (Sandwich)
M.Sc Technology and Development (Sandwich)
M.A Classics
M.A Philosophy
M.Ed Teacher Education
Ph.D Mathematics
M.Phil Mathematics
Ph.D Statistics
M.Phil Statistics
M.Sc Statistics (Sandwich)
M.Phil Development Studies
Ph.D Development Studies
Ph.D Agricultural Economics
M.Phil Agricultural Economics
Ph.D Agricultural Extension
M.Sc Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Studies and Management (Sandwich)
Ph.D Non Governmental Studies and Community Development
M.Phil Non Governmental Studies and Community Development
M.Ed Mathematics (Sandwich)
Ph.D Mathematics Education
M.Phil Mathematics Education
M.Ed Science (Sandwich)
Ph.D Science Education
M.Phil Science Education
Ph.D Population and Health
M.Phil Population and Health
M.A Communication in Oil and Gas Management (Sandwich)
M.Phil Oil and Gas Resource Management (Regular)
M.Sc Oil and Gas Resource Management (Sandwich)
M.A English Language (M.A. Sandwich)
M.Phil English Language (M.Phil)
Ph.D English Language (Ph.D)
Ph.D English Literature
M.A English Literature (M.A. Sandwich)
M.Phil English Literature (M.Phil)
Ph.D Religion and Human Values
M.Phil Religion and Human Values
M.A Religion and Human Values (Sandwich)



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