University of Birmingham Guidance For Programmes With an Application Fee 2017/18

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University of Birmingham Guidance For Programmes With an Application Fee 2017/18

Before continuing with your application please read the following guidance carefully.

The following programmes are subject to a £50 non-refundable application fee:

Application Fee Programmes

All PGT programmes in Mechanical Engineering
 Advanced Mechanical Engineering
 School of Biosciences
 Molecular Biotechnology
 School of Cancer Sciences
Clinical Oncology (full time only MSc and PGDip)
School of Health and Population Sciences
MPH: Master of Public Health
 Business School
 Human Resource Management (full time)
 Human Resource Management with CIPD Pathways

Application Fee Information

At the end of the application form, before you can submit it to us, you will be required to pay, or indicate how you will pay the required fee in order for us to process your application. We will not process applications for which we have not received the fee. If you decide at any time not to complete and submit your application, you will not be charged.

If you submit a second application for a programme in the same academic year; you will be charged and we will not process your application. We do not offer a refund for duplicate applications.

Sponsorship: If you are being sponsored by an approved sponsor (recognised by the University of Birmingham) then please indicate this in the Funding Details section of your application form (Additional Information page). If you have already obtained sponsorship you will not be required to pay the application fee. If you have applied for the funding but not had confirmation then you will be required to pay the fee yourself and if appropriate reclaim it from your sponsor directly.

All applications listed as having sponsorship, where no fee is paid, will be confirmed with the sponsor. This will happen immediately you submit your application. If we are informed by the sponsor that there is no sponsorship your application will be withdrawn and you will not be permitted to submit a new application for the same programme in the same academic year.

Payment types offered are:

Debit or Credit card
(We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards.  Card payments will be processed in Pounds Sterling.)

Debit or Credit card is the quickest way to pay the application fee. It will allow us to start processing your application straight away. Please allow 24 working hours after paying for us to send you your Applicant ID number.

Bank Transfer (Western Union)

You can pay using the University of Birmingham’s Bank Transfer platform powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions.  This service allows you to pay in your local currency and from your home bank account, without worrying about exchange rates or funds arriving short at the University.

Payments through Bank Transfer will necessitate a delay while we wait for the funds to reach us. Once payment is received we will begin to process your application.

Once your payment has been received you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your ID number and that your application will be progressed.

If you have any queries regarding the payment process please contact

Please keep your Booking Reference number to hand when making any payments. Please quote your Booking Reference in in all correspondence.

If you are unable to pay by the above methods you may want to apply instead through an Overseas Representative or Agent. They will need to log the application on your behalf.

Your application

Your application is specifically designed for the programme you have applied for via course finder. It is sensitive to the answers you provide as you proceed through the application.

You do not have to complete your application in one session. You will be sent an email containing a secure link to enable you to complete your application at a future date should you so choose.

You will be able to save your application at any point in the process and return to it when you are ready to continue.

Please note that your application will not be processed until all the relevant sections have been completed and your application has been submitted.

Upon submitting your application you will be given the opportunity to upload scanned documents in support of your application.

You may want to consider the supporting documentation that you will need to upload at the end of the application process before reaching that point. See Upload Documents Screen

Please note that a decision on your application may be delayed if the relevant supporting documents are not received.

The following information will usually be needed before a decision can be made on your application:

  • 2 academic references;
  • Degree transcripts (interim* transcripts);
  • English language test certificate (if appropriate);
  • Research proposal (if appropriate).

*A transcript of your degree progress and achievement to date.

You may also be required to submit further documents. This will depend on whether you indicate on your application that you will be uploading a document in support of your application. If you indicate that you will be uploading a document during the application process, the document will become a mandatory part of your application.

A copy of your completed application will be available to you for your future reference.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete, and does not contain false or misleading information. It is also your responsibility to provide additional information when requested to do so. The University will check your academic history, qualifications, references, personal statements, research proposals, and anything else provided as part of your application for accuracy.



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