Aston University Access Agreement 2017/18

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Aston University Access Agreement 2017/18

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The list below shows you all approved access agreements at your chosen university or college. They are listed under the name of the institution at the time the agreement was approved, which may be different to the name the institution currently uses.

My university has several access agreements in place. How do I know which one applies to me?

You will be covered by the most recent access agreement in place at the time you start your studies. This access agreement will then cover you throughout your studies even if your university or college introduces new access agreements in subsequent years.

Please note, the access agreement below for 2018-19 has been approved by the Director for Fair Access to Higher Education. We will be publishing an updated version of this access agreement which includes target tables in September 2017.

Aston University, HEI
Access agreement Applies to students starting in academic year(s):
Aston University (PDF) 2018-19
Aston University (PDF) 2017-18
Aston University (PDF) 2016-17
Aston University (PDF) 2015-16
Aston University (PDF) 2014-15
Aston University (PDF) 2013-14
Aston University (PDF) 2012-13
Aston University (PDF) 2011-12
Aston University (PDF) 2010-11
Aston University (PDF) 2009-10
Aston University (PDF) 2008-09
Aston University (PDF) 2007-08
Aston University (PDF) 2006-07

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