Ghana Christian University College (GCUC)

Ghana Christian University College Logo

Ghana Christian University College (GCUC)

Ghana Christian University College that was initially known as Ghana Christian College &Seminary was established in 1966 by American and Ghanaian Christians to train Africa Evangelists, Teachers and Minister of the Gospel.
The institution has the following schools offering various programs:
(i)School of Theology
(ii)School of Development Management

The college offers professional as well as other degree programs that include the following:
(i)Project Management
(ii)Business Administration and Strategic Management
(iii)Oil and Gas Management
(iv)BSC Nursing

Ghana Christian University College”s mission is to nurture and Equip Leaders with a Distinctive Christian World-View to Transform Communities and Organizations which we serve.

The institution aims at Advancing Excellence in Transformational Leadership and to become the Premier Christian University in Africa.

Courses offered(15 courses)

BSc Nursing(Nursing)
BA Development Management with Public Health(Management)
BA Development Management with Micro-Finance(Management)
BA Development Management with NGO Management(Management)
BA Development Management with Marketing,(Marketing)
BA Theology with Christian Leadership(Theology)
BA Theology with Biblical Languages(Theology)
BA Theology with Cross-Cultural Ministries(Theology)
BA Theology with Youth Ministries(Theology)
BA Theology with Conflict Management(Theology)
BA Development Management with Human Resource Management,(Human Resources)
BA Development Management with Accounting(Accounting )
Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business( )
Diploma in Finance(Finance)
Bachelor of Arts in Theology(Theology)


Ghana Christian University College

Address: P. O. Box DD 48, Dodowa

Location: Dodowa

Country: Ghana

Telephone Number: 0303-252042

Email Address:

University Website:


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