Anglican University College of Technology (ANG.U.TECH)

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Anglican University College of Technology (ANG.U.TECH)

The Anglican University College of Technology (ANG.U.TECH) is a privately owned Institution established by the Anglican Church to provide quality tertiary education, to train and develop graduates in the field of science and technology to respond to the challenges of ever changing global market seeking to bring to bear the relentless effort for excellence through critical and analytical thinking. ANG.U.TECH also ensures that students are well prepared for continuous and further learning.

The University College is built on the pillars of research, practical application of research results and entrepreneurship, using the benefits of Information-Communication Technology (ICT). ANG.U.TECH has since 2008 worked relentlessly on this idea. In 2013 the first batch of students were admitted at the first Campus at Nkoranza which is located in the Brong Ahafo Region. As a technology University, every campus of the University College is designed to offer ICT related programmes. For this phase of ANG.U.TECH’s existence, it offers degree aawarding programmes in Health & Nutrition, Agriculture, and Social Sciences. in addition to these areas, other study areas for which degrees will be awarded include, Business Administration, Law, Education, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The programmes offered are designed to make students remain in tune with the global technological, agricultural, business, entrepreneurial and research trends. In this regard, the University College intends to make science, ICT training and research an integral discipline in all programmes of study.

Our Vision
To transform Ghana’s science and technology education for development.

Our Mission
The Anglican University College will create an appropriate academic and social environment within the context of modern technology to produce graduates who:

a. Are highly skilled and secure in the use of technology;
b. Effectively use technology as a tool;
c. Conduct innovative research and provide extension services for industry in the whole of Africa and Ghana in particular;
d. Are equipped with designing and manufacturing/production skills; and
e. Are capable of working independently or in a team in the competitive modern science and technology job market, while supporting the developmental plan of the country, thereby making available the high level human capital required for development on our continent.

Our General Objectives and Values

We prepare students who see responsibility in making our world a better place by advancing values that will have a positive impact on a global scale. The values and objectives we encourage are an essential element of the ANG.U.TECH education.

The three cardinal values of the University College are: Excellence, Innovation and Service.


The pursuit of excellence, in teaching, learning, and community service will be encouraged among all members of the ANG.U.TECH community. Excellence is fundamental to all areas of the University College in the processes of developing the academic, spiritual, and social lives of ANG.U.TECH students.


The promotion of innovation will be at the core of ANG.U.TECH education and its delivery. It should be cardinal in education, which is an endless pursuit; to seek better solutions that meet new requirements and members of our community are prepared to pursue this interest earnestly in service of humanity.


The provision of service, as a community of scholars and students, the University College seeks to discover, apply, and communicate relevant research for the advancement of human livelihood and knowledge. This will demonstrate the respect for humanity and loyalty to community development.


BSc. Community Medicine & Health

The purpose of this programme is to train students to become Physician Assistants who will man/supervise community and district health facilities where medical officers are usually not available. It also aims to produce a health worker who will be able lead a health team to deliver effective, preventive and curative health care at the sub-district level, and also be part of the team of health workers at the District and community levels.

BSc. Health Information Management

This programme aims to train professionals who are able to develop and securely use various technologies to collect, store, analyze, disseminate and communicate health data with strong emphasis on developing and supporting mobile health applications and other emerging technologies in healthcare. Students are also equipped with the technical and managerial skills to lead their organizations in their transition from paper-based healthcare to e-health.

BSc. General Agriculture

This programme is designed to provide students with knowledge as well as practical and entrepreneurial skills that will make them useful citizens contributing their quota to national development efforts in the agricultural sector, mainly towards food sufficiency.

Agriculture programme can find employment opportunities in the following


  • Industry and commerce
  • Agricultural Export and Import Companies
  • Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • Academic and Research Institutes in Ghana and other countries
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • International Organizations e.g. African Development Bank, FAO, ECA
  • Customs, Excise and Preventive Service

The ultimate, however, will be that each graduate becomes a practicing agriculturist – an employer and not an employee.

B.A. Development & Management Studies

This programme is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills to handle management and organizational issues in a complex global environment. Students could gain employment with both public and private sector organizations. Knowledge and skills in development and management are required for top science and engineering professionals who also make business and management decisions on daily basis.


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