KNUST Fees for Freshmen 2017/18

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KNUST Fees for Freshmen 2017/18

Undergraduate Fees, Freshmen

Akan/Culture & Tourism/ Economics/English/ French/ 238.55 727.00 965.55 710.00 1,675.55
Geography & Rural Development/History/Political Studies
Religious Studies/Social Work/Sociology and Publishing Studies
Biological Science/Env’t Science/Physics/  




















Biochemistry/Optometry/Statistics/Acturial Sci/Chemistry/
Meteo & Climate Sci./Computer Sci./Food Sci. Tech/Mathematics
Architecture/Construction Tech & Mgt./
Qty Surveying/Land Economy/Real Estate/Development Planning/
Human Settlement Planning/Intergrated Rural Art/
Industrial Art/Comm. Design/Painting & Sculpture
Pharmacy/Vertinary Medicine/
Herbal Medicine/Sports & Exercise Sci./Nursing/ Midwifery
Medical Lab Tech and Disability & Rehabilitation
Agriculture/Nat Resources Mgt/
Agric Biotechnology/Agric Business Mgt/Forest Resource Tech/
Dairy & Meat Sci/Post Harvest Tech/Landscape Design & Acquaculture
Others: Law/Business Administration/Engineering
Human Biology        534.44     727.00    1,261.44     710.00 1,971.44


Undergraduate Residential Students Only* Utilities  GHC 361 
Pending government decision on Utility bills with the Universities


SCHEDULE B:   Additional Charges
PROGRAMME Practical Examination fees        100.00
SMS ( Yr 4-6) Practical Examination fees        200.00
SMS ( Yr 1-6) Health Outreach levy        200.00
Disability & Rehabilitation field Trip          25.00
Nursing (Yr 4) Licensure        400.00
Nursing (Yr 1-4) Affiliation fee        264.00
College of Art and Built Environment (Yr 1-4) Field Trip fee          25.00
Engineering (Yr 1-4) Insurance          20.00
Engineering (Yr 1) Protective Clothing        180.00
Engineering (Yr 1-4) Field Trip fee          30.00
Faculty of Agriculture (YR 1) Vacation Training Fee          25.00
Faculty of Agriculture (YR 2-3) Vacation Training Fee          15.00
Optometry (Yr 1-6) Bench Fees        120.00
Dept. Of Nursing, Sonography, Medlab Field  Trip        100.00
Undergraduate Students( All First YRS) Communication Skills Fees          10.00


  1. Students are required to pay the relevant  Academic Fees and Residential Fees in Schedule A and the relevant Additional Charges in Schedule B into KNUST MAIN FEES COLLECTION ACCOUNT at any of the follwing Banks: GCB BANK/ECOBANK/HFC BANK/ STANDCHART BANK/UBA BANK/CAL BANK/UNI BANK/BARCLAYS BANK AND GHANA POST.
  2. Residential Fees and Academic Fees should be paid separately into the same accounts using different pay-in-slips for each fee item (i.e. Residential Fees, Academic Fees)
Pending government decision on Utility bills with the Universities


All freshmen and continuing students are requested to visit the Academic Calendar page for the latest schedules and updates. Also visit the Fees Schedule page for fees updates.

What to do about Payments and Registrations

  1. The University re-opens for the 2014/2015 Academic year on Friday 15th August, 2014 for freshmen.
  2. Successful applicants are to Print Provisional Offer of Admission letter online.
  3. Download and print Acceptance letter to be filled and sent to the Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Private Mail Bag, Kumasi, Ghana.
  4. International students are to submit original certificates as well as scratch card from WAEC to Room 109 at the Main Administration Block.
  5. Students are to pay Academic Facility User Fees (AFUF) into KNUST Fees Collection ACCOUNT  at any branch of  Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Ecobank Ghana Ltd, HFC Bank, CAL Bank, UBA, Ghana Post Company Limited.
  6. Students are to pay Residential Facility User Fees (RFUF) of Halls they have been affiliated to at any Ghana Commercial Bank branch and obtain a receipt. (Freshmen will be required to pay both AFUF and RFUF in full to be able to log on to the online rooms selection system). Students are to use the Receipt Pin and Card/Application Number on the receipt to log into the online Room Allocation System for their room selection. Please note that, selection of rooms in affiliated halls is done online and operates on a first-come-first-served basis. Visit to access the application. However, private hostels are available around the campus and in Kumasi for students who, as a result of the limited facilities/rooms could not be admitted as resident students.
  7. International students assigned to GUSSS HOSTEL as Resident Students are to book for accommodation at least 72 hours before arrival. Students should contact the GUSSS Hostel secretariat via email: for further enquiries.
  8. College/Association dues are to be paid separately at any branch of Ghana Commercial bank or HFC. (NB: Pay-in-slips are to be filled in triplicate at the point of payment. One would be demanded during biometric registration. Students are encouraged to keep personal copies of all payments)

Contact Us

General Information on the University:

The Registrar
Tel:   +233 -3220- 60331
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137


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