KNUST Degree Grading System 2018/19

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KNUST Degree Grading System 2018/19

University Grading System


Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade
A 80.00 – 100.00 Outstanding A+
A- 75.00 – 79.99 A
B 65.00 – 74.99 Very Good B
C 60.00 – 64.99 Good B-
D 50.00 – 59.99 Credit C
F 0.00 – 49.99 Fail F
I Incomplete

Manual GPA Calculation

Grades below are examples:
Basic Maths (3 credit hours)  A
Basic Science(4 credit hours)   B2
Basic English (2 Credit hours)   B2
Intro to Agric(3 credit hours)  C5
A= 4.0
C5= 2.75

Calculate GPA= (Sum of each (Credit hour * its Numerical value of Grade))/ Total credit hours

GPA= [(3*4.0)+(4*3.5)+(2*3.5)+(3*2.75)] / (3+4+2+3)
=[(12.0)+(14.0)+(7.0)+(8.25)] / (12)
=(41.25) / (12)

The SSSCE grading system is more stringent than anything ever witnessed in the United States: 40% of students fail any given academic subject. The mass failures dishearten students and engender national finger-pointing, but both the Ministry of Education and WAEC defend uncompromising grading practices that establish the SSS on a firm, internationally-recognizable footing.

Although SSSCE performance is improving steadily, U.S. admission officers should note that grade inflation is uncommon in Ghana. A’s and B’s constitute only 10% of the grade distribution in any academic subject. The grading system is so tough that any student with A’s and B’s on the SSSCE ranks well within the top 1% nationwide. Fewer than one hundred, out of 90,000 graduates each year, score aggregate 6, or 6 A’s. The table below summarizes recent SSSCE grades which are typical of examinees over the years:

Therefore the GPA is 3.43
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