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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science. I am Dr J. B. Hayfron- Acquah, the Head of Department. Let me take this opportunity to give you a little history of the Department and the programmes  that we currently run

Programmmes on Offer

The Department currently runs one undergraduate programme in Computer Science and two postgraduate programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology. The Department recently introduced a parallel programme in  BSc Computer Science as a result of admission quota for the regular programme which stands at about 150 students.This programme is the same as the BSc Computer Science that runs in the regular mode. Regular mode is a terminology used in refering to the first set of students that the approved quota allows.  The students are taught by the same lecturers and supported by the same Technicians with the same laboratories, libaries and other facilities. They also have their lectures at the same time as the Regular students and in some lectures they sit in the same lecture room with the regular students. This programme is introduced for qualified students who could not do be admitted into the regular stream as a result of the quota for the regular students. However, the programme is a fee paying one but the fees are far lower than Ghanaian fee-paying students’ fees. Note that this programme is not a PART-TIME programme

The Department also runs BSc Information Technology, BSc Computer Science, MSc Information Technology and MSc Health Informatics by Distance Learning. These programmes run during weekends thereby given flexibity to workers who are interested in furthering their education without asking for leave.


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