KNUST Bursary 2017/2018

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KNUST Bursary 2017/2018

These may cover full or part payment of the Academic Facility User Fees-AFUF of beneficiaries in a particular year.

External Bursaries

  • Unibank Ghana Ltd. Bursary
  • S. T. Nankani  Bursary
  • Kingdom Books and Stationery Bursary Scheme
  • Toyota Ghana Bursary

Internal Bursaries

These are Financial Supports or Bursaries given to needy students of the University mainly to help support their educational expenses. These supports are provided through the University’s initiatives and also by the Student Welfare Associations at the various Colleges. These are

  • KNUST Bursary
  • Ketewa Biara Nsua (KBN) – SRC
  • College Students’ Welfare Associations – GESA, SOCIOSO, SCISA, SIMPUA, IAAS & CHS-Funds
  • Boa Wo Nua – GRASAG

Unibank Ghana Limited Bursary

Unibank Bursary has been established by Unibank Ghana Ltd. in collaboration with KNUST to give financial support to all needy but brilliant Ghanaian students who are pursuing regular full time programs. The Bursary is aimed at supporting students with their Academic Facility User Fees to reduce financial stress on needy students from 1st to final year.

S. T. Nankani Bursary

S. T. Nankani bursaries is a financial support given to Needy but Brilliant students of the University since 2005. The Scheme aims at supporting needy but brilliant students from the College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Science. The awards also takes into consideration Gender balance and the Region where the student hails from.

Kingdom Books and Stationery Bursary Scheme

In collaboration with KNUST, the Kingdom Books and Stationery Bursary was established in 2006 to support needy but brilliant students financially towards their educational expenses. The Scheme supports 50 students annually and the Award given is based on the ratio of 40% towards Books and Stationary and 60% cash towards Academic Facility User Fees.

Toyota Ghana Bursary

As part of its social responsibility, Toyota Ghana Ltd. has established the Toyota Ghana Bursary to support needy but brilliant students reading Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering, KNUST. The Bursary is given to the students to support their educational expenses.

Internal Financial Supports

These are financial supports or bursaries given to needy students mainly to help support their educational expenses. These supports are provided through University initiatives and also by the Students Welfare Associations at the various Colleges.

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship is a Financial Support programme given by the University to post-graduate students on merit on their academic performance to lecture undergraduate students in some selected Departments of the University for which they are given monthly allowance.

Undergraduate Student Work Study Programme

The University in its effort to assist its needy students financially in the form of Bursaries and Scholarships has also adopted the Work Study programme. Under the Work Study program, needy students are given jobs on campus to earn wages. Students work during the free periods on their Time Tables and other Class Schedules.

KNUST Bursary/Financial Assistance

As part of the University’s Initiative to support its needy but brilliant students, the KNUST Bursary/ Financial Assistance was established which the University use part of its Internally Generated Fund -IGF to help students with Academic Facility User Fees (AFUF).  The Bursary is given to all full time regular students of the University with needs.

Ketewa Biara Nsua – SRC

Through the initiative of the Students Representative Council of the University, the KBN- ‘Ketewa Biara Nsua’ was established in 2006 to help support the payment of Academic Facility User Fees and other educational expenses their needy friends who find it very difficult financially through their educational journey. This Bursary is opened to all full-time regular students of the University.

Noko Fio – SRC

Newly introduced by SRC to support colleague students with petty and urgent needs.

College Students’ Welfare Associations

At the College Level, Students Welfare Associations  also use part of their dues to support their fellow students who have difficulty in meeting their educational expenses to enable them go through their education with reduced financial stress. It is opened to all students in their respective Colleges

GRASAG ‘Boa Wo Nua’

GRASAG ‘Boa Wo Nua’ is a Scheme set up to help support Graduate Studies students at the Graduate School level who need some small financial push.


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