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Related imageBrunei and Hall 7 have already released fees and have also been raised for the academic year. This year, four in a room goes for GH 1350 with the 3 in the room going for GH 1,800 and two in a room go for GH 2,350.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has released accommodation prices for the next academic year which has seen some increments students are not pleased with. With a persistent accommodation problem for years now, the University usually relies on private accommodation outside campus. However, the few ones available on campus are charging steep amounts that most students see as a ripe off.

The SRC in a bid to curb this situation secured funds to build a hostel which over the years have served students according to their budget. The 2015/2016 academic year will however, have a different pricing list. Four in a room which usually went for GH 750 would from next semester be given to students at a price of GH 1200. This comes at a time when tuition fees have also been increased.


What are the available options?

There are Six Halls of residence and a number of hostels in the University. They are Queen Elizabeth II, Unity, Independence, Republic, University, and Africa. Three of the Halls of residence are mixed, two for males only and one for females only. Of the five hostels, two are for postgraduate students, one for both undergraduate and graduate students and managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSSS).

Accommodation of International Students in University Residential/Hostel Facilities

As part of the measures to improve the security of our Students, particularly International Students and to ensure the provision of an enabling residential facility and environment for their studies and stay, it is the policy of the University that, all International Students are to be accommodated on Campus in University’s Halls of Residence, GUSSS, Hall Seven and SRC Hostels Facilities. It is therefore an offence for any International Student to lodge outside the designated places.

The University is unable to guarantee all students accommodation (especially continuing students). Most students are, therefore, living in private sector housing (hostels), most of which are located outside the University Campus. A majority of these hostels are however, within walking distances to the University Campus.

There is a wide range of private hostel accommodation for students of KNUST to consider in Kumasi. These range from hostels with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities to flats, those with the study bedrooms having their own private bathrooms and small kitchenettes. Some of the hostels even have air conditioners and internet connectivity in the study bedrooms. All of them are self-catering. Kumasi is a fantastic city to live in and living in your own accommodation away from the University will afford you the best opportunity to experience the vibrant and diverse nature of the city. However, private hostel accommodation is not easy to find and costs are considerably high in Kumasi.

More detailed information, including the list of private hostels, their locations, facilities and services, as well as rents, are available at the Students Housing and Residence life Unit at the Dean of Students Office.

Non-Resident Students Facilities

There are three (3) Non-Resident facilities on Campus. One is located behind “Club B” (very close to College of Art and Social Sciences) while the other two are located at the main Faculty Area. All of them have reading rooms, bathrooms, and lockers where students can keep their books. Two of these facilities have entertainment/T.V. rooms, which are connected to a 24-hour Multi Choice DSTV Transmission.
Ideally these facilities are meant to serve as learning and resting places for non-resident students during lunch breaks and their free periods while they are on Campus. Indeed, the facilities are highly patronized by non-resident students especially during examination periods when they operate 24 hour basis.

How are residential facilities administered?

The University currently has six Halls of Residence. The GUSSS, Graduate Students, Credit Union and the SRC have a Hostel each on campus. Ghana Hostels Limited also has residential facility on campus. The three are managed differently from the main halls. A Hall Council consisting of Senior and Junior members administers each Hall. The Executive Head of the Hall is the Hall Master who is assisted by a Senior Tutor. There is also a Hall Bursar and other supporting staff. The Hall authorities determine the number of students in a room. The Hall authorities of the various Halls constitute the Committee of Hall Administrators who formulates common policies for all the Halls.


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