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Course Description

Counting is something that we as adults do without thinking, yet for a child there are clear pre requistes before they can start to count meaningfully and identify numbers.

Learning to count is a child’s very first step into mathematics, and constitutes the most fundamental idea of that discipline. It helps in the acquisition of basic skills and number knowledge.

The course is therefore designed to equip the early child educator with the skills and knowledge to help our wonderful kids go through the activities of counting and numbers.

  • Teacher: Joyce Nsiah Asante

Material Development in Early Childhood

This course is a hands on course which helps the student teacher to develop his or her own instruction materials to teach. It inculcate in the student teacher the habit of improvising by using materials found around them, when the actual material is not available. It will also equip them with skills to prepare and improve on the materials used in the early childhood classrooms when they are not readily available. It will further help them to acquire knowledge on how to care and maintain the instructional materials they acquire in their classrooms.

  • LECTURER: Justina Adu
  • Teacher: Joyce Nsiah Asante

Child Behaviour Management

This course introduces you to the basic principles of behavior management in relation to behavioral excesses and deficits, maladaptive behavior, and special needs children. It surveys the various aspects of behavior management with children and the youth and focuses on the underlying causes of behavior. Theoretical models of behavior management are examined. You will learn how to apply selected techniques and strategies from the theoretical models in response to common behavior problems in a variety of settings including the family, the community and the school.

  • Teacher: Olivia Asante
  • Teacher: Joyce Nsiah Asante

ECB244: Teaching Methods in Early Childhood Education

  • Teacher: Joyce Nsiah Asante
  • Salome Praise Otami: Salome Praise Otami

Teaching Methods in Early Childhood Education

  • Teacher: Joyce Nsiah Asante
  • Salome praise Otami: Salome Praise Otami

Mathematics in Early Years

Course Description:

Children need to develop a good mathematical understanding in order to function effectively as members of our society. Mathematics in Early years exposes the student to the various skills and methods to be employed to make the early year’s child have the flair for mathematics. It is important that as teachers of early children we always aim at ‘functional numeracy’ that which is required by children in order to operate and interact effectively within today’s society.

The course is designed to equip students with theories of children’s number development and how to inculcate enthusiasm and positive attitude toward mathematics in children.

The course also will expose students to the major areas of content covered at the lower primary and equip them with the skills and knowledge to handle the content. The course exposes the student to be abreast with the rational, aims and objectives of the Primary school syllabus.

  • Lecturer: Joyce Nsiah Asante

Entry Requirements

i      A Distinction or Credit in Pre-School

Education from an accredited institution. OR

ii.    Five (5) SHS/GCE credits including English

Language and Mathematics. OR

iii.   Teachers Certificate ‘A’

  • People with higher qualifications can apply

Apply Online 


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