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There can be no school without students. That is why KNUST cherishes her students. Our students are groomed to aspire higher to achieve their individual and collective dreams. As future leaders of their nation, KNUST feels proud to have her students as the soul of the University’s fraternity.
Acknowledging the importance of all kinds of persons aspiring to attain academic excellence, develop individual talents and skills, we care for the biggest majority of stakeholders in the University community who form the heartbeat of KNUST. There are vibrant student bodies and associations with students running their own affairs in a unified front to achieve their goals, facilitate negotiations and to represent the voice of colleague students. Know more about our wonderful students studying here in the nation’s best university.

The office of the Dean of Students was formally established in 1997 to provide the needed necessary welfare support services for students during their period of study at KNUST. The office, over the years, has sought to fulfil its mission by assisting students to understand in both specific and general terms how the university operates both at the social and academic levels.

This consequently enables us to understand regulations and procedures and ways to getting their needs met. The office had further provided opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership skills by involving them in decision making processes, supporting advocacy for students and providing and involving them in conflict resolution techniques.

The office is organized into sections to help provide support to the student body of the university community;

  • Administration
  • Student Guidance and Counselling
  • International Student Affairs
  • Student Representative Council Affairs
  • Students Housing and Residence Life
  • Student Conduct and Discipline
  • Student Support Services
  • Financial Services

Click here for KNUST Portal


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