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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Institute of Distance Learning (IDL-KNUST), It’s a privilege and delight to welcome you to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Institute of Distance Learning (IDL-KNUST) Website.

Demand for tertiary education, nationally and worldwide, in the last few decades has outstretched the limited resources of educational institutions. Access to tertiary education and training has, therefore, become sought after and available to a few. The solution has been to utilize innovative approaches including Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL).

The Ghana Government policy on Tertiary Education provides the policy framework for Ghanaian Universities to increase access to tertiary education. In response to this, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, has taken up the challenge of strategically increasing access to quality higher education and training through the establishment of the Institute of Distance Learning (IDL)  through mixed mode using multimedia.

The KNUST adopted Distance Education as a viable complement to the conventional face to face regular education. The IDL was thus established to deliver programmes of study in the distance learning mode. As at the beginning of the 2015-2016 Academic year, the IDL was offering Top-Up BSc in 17 programmes and 30 Postgraduate Programmes.



To be a Leading Institute in providing access to continuing and tertiary education and training through distance learning in Africa


IDL provides increasing access to quality, flexible and demand driven, continuing and tertiary education programmes through the use of a wide range of information, communication and management technologies


  1. Leadership in Innovation and Technology
  2. Culture of Excellence
  3. Diversity and Equal Opportunity for All
  4. Integrity and Stewardship of Resources


  1. Quality Education and Training
  2. Equitable access to tertiary education
  3. Culture of Excellence
  4. Learner Centeredness

KNUST-IDL is pleased to announce to all prospective applicants and the general public the following Top-Up Programmes for the 2016-2017 Academic Year and Beyond.

  1. BSc. Business Administration
    1. Marketing
    2. Human Resource Management
    3. Accounting
    4. Finance
    5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  2. BSc. Geomatic Engineering
  3. BSc. Agricultural Engineering
  4. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  5. BSc. Computer Science
  6. BSc. Statistics
  7. BSc. Computer Engineering
  8. BSc. Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics
  9. BSc. Construction Technology & Management
  10. BSc. Actuarial Science
  11. BSc. Information Technology
  12. BSc. Petroleum Engineering (online only)
  13. BSc. Chemical Engineering (online only)
  14. BSc. Physics
  15. B.A. Social Work
  16. B.A. Sociology
  17. BSc Telecommunication Engineering

KNUST-IDL is pleased to announce to all prospective applicants and the general public the following Postgraduate Programmes for the 2016-2017 Academic Year and Beyond.

  1. Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA)
  2. Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration (CEMPA)
  3. MPhil/MSc. Industrial Mathematics
  4. MBA Specialization (For CEMBA/CEMPA Graduates)
  5. MSc Environmental Science
  6. MSc Food Quality Management
  7. MPhil/MSc. Information Technology
  8. MPhil Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture)
  9. MPhil/MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  10. MPhil/MSc. Health Informatics
  11. Master of Public Administration
  12. MPhil/MSc. Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management
  13. MPhil/MSc. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science
  14. MA Sociology
  15. MPhil/MSc. Industrial Finance and Investment
  16. MSc. Development Management
  17. MPhil/MA. Political Studies
  18. Master of Education Degree (MEd)*
  19. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  20. MSc. Applied Statistics
  21. MSc. Accounting
  22. MSc. Economics
  23. MPhil/MSc. Forensic Science
  24. MPhil. Solid State Physics
  25. MSc. Petroleum Geophysics
  26. MPhil. Meteorology and Climate Science
  27. MPhil/MSc. Mineral and Groundwater Exploration Geophysics
  28. MPhil. Materials Science
  29. MSc. Project Management
  30. MSc. Actuarial Science
  31. MSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

DIPLOMA in Architectural Technology (2-year programme)

Entry Requirements:

  1. WASSCE/SSCE holders who have credit in three (3) core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science plus credit in three (3) Elective Subjects.
  2. ORDINARY LEVEL holders with credit in at least five (5) subjects at G.C.E. “O” level (or its equivalent including English and Mathematics).
  3. PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE IN ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMANSHIP with passes at SSSCE/WASSCE in English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  4. CONSTRUCTION TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE (CTC) 1& 2 and other related professional certificates.
  5. FOREIGN APPLICANTS and all others who have any of the above qualifications or their equivalent from an accredited institution.


CERTIFICATE  In Advanced Construction Technology And Practice

Entry Requirements:

¨      SSSCE with PASSES in English and Mathematics, and any (3) of the following: Technical Drawing, Building Construction, Engineering Science, Elective Mathematics and Chemistry.


¨      At least (3) years Post-apprenticeship practice as a professional Draughtsman in recognized Drawing Office. Such applicants must have had at least aggregate 24 or better at the BECE and NVTI Grade I and II.


¨      GCE’O’ LEVEL with at least a pass in English and/or Mathematics plus at least 3 years post-apprenticeship practice in a recognized Drawing Office.


¨      Construction Technician Course II.


¨      Proficiency Certificate in Architectural Draughtsmanship.


¨      Other equivalent construction related qualification or experience.



The Office of the Director,


New Examination Block, KNUST Campus.


Telephone:  0247-274661, 0540-206262, 0500-482885, 0322491138




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