UEW Auotonomy Hall

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UEW Auotonomy Hall

UEW Auotonomy Hall

Auotonomy Hall is the latest addition to the Halls of Residence on the College of Technology Education – Kumasi Campus of the University. The Hall derives its name from the fact that it is the first Hall to be built after the University gained autonomy in May 2004.

Situated on a hill and away from the main classroom block, the Hall accommodates five hundred and ninety-six (596) students, making it the largest Hall to date on the Kumasi Campus. Built with student relaxation and recreation in mind, the Hall provides services such as a Junior Common Room, a restaurant, internet café, super market as well as a computer room. Not only does the Hall’s architecture seek to provide respite from the hustle and bustle of campus life, it also takes into consideration students’ desire for a conducive learning environment which is evident in the Hall’s three (3) study rooms. Hall management is top-notch and committed to providing the best experience that a student of UEW could possibly hope for.

Contact: Estate Officer, Mr. Osei Akoto Baffour. Phone: 03220 52236.


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