Alabama A&M Journalism


Alabama A&M Journalism

ENG 310 Journalism Workshop – 2 hrs. Journalism experiences primarily for students who are assigned to the staff of university publications. The course provides them with basic editorial skills. Emphasis is placed upon news reporting, writing, editing and layout. Weekly classroom sessions are held; however, the major course effort is devoted to laboratory activities which culminate in the production of the student newspaper or other university publications. Prerequisites: ENG 204.

Student Publications

The AAMU Student Publications Board provides the oversight, administrative coordination and support of publishing operations of two editorially independent student publications of Alabama A&M University – a monthly newspaper and annual yearbook.  This program functions to promote the University community through production of quality student publications and to provide journalistic, photographic, graphic design, advertising, marketing, communications, and co-curricular leadership experience for the development of interested students.

  • The Amuite

      • The Amuite is the University Yearbook.  With an appointed yearbook editor, student volunteers are welcome to work as members of the staff.

  • The Maroon and White

      • The Maroon and White is the official newspaper.  The editor is an appointed official and selects from interested students who apply to work as a staff member on an assigned section of the publication. 

“The Journalism Journey” is underway at Alabama A&M. Communications professor Daryka Anderson Reeves is inviting local members of the media to speak and motivate aspiring journalists.Sports Director Mo Carter had an opportunity to share knowledge about the media profession and even showed the students old videos of his work as a college student. The series will continue throughout the semester on “The Hill.”



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