Alabama A&M Health and Wellness Center


Alabama A&M Health and Wellness Center

Welcome to the Student Health & Wellness Center!

This incredible facility offers Alabama A&M students, employees, alumni and the Huntsville community the best opportunities for recreation and fitness in the area. With over 78,000 square feet, we offer something for everyone at affordable rates. Our friendly staff is committed to serving you better with the promise, “You will leave feeling better than when you arrived.” Visit today and​ take advantage of everything we have to offer!​

​​                        Facility Hours – Academic Year                                  Facility Hours – Summer 
​                      Monday – Friday 5:30am – 10pm                                 Monday – Friday 5:30am – 8pm              ​
​                         Saturday             9am – 6pm                                       Saturday            9am – 6pm
​                         Sunday               1pm – 7pm                                       Sunday              1pm – 7pm 
​​​​                    Pool Hours – Academic Year                                         Pool Hours – Summer
​                 Monday – Friday ​7am – 10am  |  4pm – 9:30pm              Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm 
​                       Saturday            9am – 5:30pm                                   Saturday             9am – 6pm
​                  Sunday              ​1pm – 6:30pm                                   Sunday               1pm – 7pm

Our Core Values

​​”We are committed to ensuring you feel better when you leave the Student Health and Wellness Center than when you arrived.”


A culture of professionalism in all aspects of our operation.

Customer Service

Exceed your expectations by adding value to your Student health and Wellness Center experience.


It is our responsibility to make sure the facility is kept at a high standard.

Community Outreach

Partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches and non-profit organizations will assist in expanding our human and economic capital.

Commitment to Staff Development

Investment in our staff will provide personal and professional growth opportunities.
We are committed to serving you!


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