Alabama A&M Urban & Regional Planning (M.U.R.P.)

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Alabama A&M Urban & Regional Planning (M.U.R.P.)

Degree Offerings

The BSUP and the MURP Program curricula are designed to ensure that Planning Education at Alabama A&M University: (a) produces  a high quality, market-ready professional; (b) quality of excellence is maintained and affirmed by the PAB; and (c) ethical principles and practices undergird the application of the substantive knowledge, skills and values required of practicing planners.

Objectives of BSUP Program

  • Offer an undergraduate planning education that equips students with knowledge of the principles and practices of planning and urban development, the skills for technical support, and the professional ethics and behavior expected of planners.

  • Expand faculty and undergraduate student research collaborations to early capture students’ interests in discovery and application of knowledge that contributes to the advancement of planning.

  • Solidify students’ commitment to the field of planning and their real-world understanding of how it influences and impacts society.

  • Attract, retain and graduate students from diverse socio-cultural, economic and geographical backgrounds to enrich students’ educational experiences, and the planning profession.

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program (MURP) is designed to prepare students to become competent professional planning practitioners who possess the knowledge, skills and values to improve the quality of public and private decisions making which impacts the quality of life in urban and rural communities. The objectives of the program are:

  • to offer a core planning curriculum that provides a firm foundation for the generalist planner;
  • to provide students the choice of four areas of concentration to strengthen and focus their generalist background;
  • to expose students to current local, national and international planning issues and situations through applied research and the practical application of the principles and techniques of planning,
  • to enhance students’ analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as an understanding and appreciation of human diversity and the manner in which planning decisions affect the lives of people, and
  • to prepare students to enter the planning profession as competent practitioners.

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