Alabama A&M Special Education (M.Ed.)

Alabama A&M Admission center image

Alabama A&M Special Education (M.Ed.)

Graduate Program Information

 Degree Requirements

Each area of emphasis for the Master of Special Education is a 36-51 semester hour program. After satisfying general admission requirements, consisting of a GPA of at least 2.50 (based on a 4.00 system) and completion of the GRE (with a minimum score of 400 on the verbal section), students must successfully complete the prescribed program consisting of areas in foundations of professional studies, curriculum and teaching, evaluation of teaching and learning, specialization in the teaching field, and advisor-approved electives as approved by the State Department of Education.

Each student’s program is planned with the guidance of, and in consultation with, a departmental advisor in the area of the major. The department does not take responsibility for courses taken without departmental advisement and approval. A copy of the state-approved program of study for each area of emphasis can be obtained from the department.

All candidates must pass a comprehensive exam on the content of the curriculum.

Degree Concentrations

Areas of Concentration: Early Childhood Special Education “A”; Collaborative Teacher K-6 or 6-12; all of which can lead to “A” level certification. The “AA” certification and the Ed.S. program is offered in the area of Collaborative Teacher K-6 or 6-12. A nontraditional, fifth-year option is offered to those individuals who have a non-teaching degree and wish to obtain an Alabama Teaching Certificate in Special Education in the area of Collaborative Teacher K-6 or 6-12. Certain restrictions apply to these programs, and students should consult with an advisor for specific information.


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