Alabama A&M Reading (Ph.D.)

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Alabama A&M Reading (Ph.D.)

Reading, Elementary, Early Childhood and Special Education (REECSE)

 Reading/Literacy Program

The Ph.D. Reading/Literacy degree program is a research-oriented program with rigorous coursework in literacy theories, pedagogy, and best practices combined with cognitive apprenticeships in the field and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects and scholarly work.  Candidates are poised to become educational leaders, research scholars, community advocates, and overall experts in reading/literacy disciplines.  As such, program graduates are expected to contribute to higher education institutions, research labs, policy centers, state departments, and school districts through meaningful research, public policy and curriculum/instructional development which positively impacts literacy education.

​Elementary and Early Childhood Education

The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education provides instruction for undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates in the theories, methods, and materials relating to learning by young children. In addition to teaching subject matter content, the faculty places emphasis on candidate mastery of techniques and strategies for integrating technology into the teaching of language arts, reading, social studies, mathematics, science, movement and artistic expressions to a diverse population of students. The faculty also conducts research and provides professional services to schools, community agencies, and to professional organizations and associations.


The elementary and early childhood education curricula are designed to develop efficient teachers, principals and supervisors who will have …

1) The professional knowledge skills and dispositions necessary to provide high-quality instructional programs to pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students who are preparing for life in the 21st century;

2) A sincere commitment to the teaching profession as a career of service to students, families and the larger community;

3) A thorough understanding of children;

4) An interest in guiding youth to higher ideals and standards of living;

5) A motivation and life-long commitment to grow professionally;

6) A philosophy of life that will help them to enrich their own lives and influence others in achieving optimum growth and development.

Special Education Collaborative Teacher Training Program

The Special Education Collaborative Teacher Program is designed to prepare future teachers of exceptional children. These teacher preparation programs provide opportunity for development of:

  • an understanding of the conditions which make children exceptional, and the associated behavioral problems,
  • basic knowledge of methods of organization, curriculum development, and instructional procedures for exceptional children, and
  • experience with exceptional children through a variety of practicum activities.

Throughout the United States there is a demand for teachers trained as professionals in providing for the academic and social needs of children identified with mild learning behavioral disabilities.  The special education program described as collaborative in nature provides a comprehensive teacher training program.  The Special Education Program seeks to provide an education and scholarly environment in which both undergraduate and graduate students receive quality academic training and professional experiences that emphasize areas of exceptional children.


  • To provide training in the skills, attitudes, and technologies necessary for professional competence in a variety of educational and clinical settings
  • To provide students with opportunities to acquire an understanding of the conditions which make students exceptional
  • To provide the associated behavioral characteristics of exceptional children, basic knowledge and methods of assessment, curriculum development and instructional procedures for exceptional children.
  • To develop a knowledge of curriculum evaluation procedures for exceptional children and youth.

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