Alabama A&M Psychology (Concentrations: Rehabilitation Counseling, Counseling & Guidance, Counseling Psychology, and Clinical Psychology)

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Alabama A&M Psychology (Concentrations: Rehabilitation Counseling, Counseling & Guidance, Counseling Psychology, and Clinical Psychology)

Graduate Program Overview

      ​​​The graduate programs in psychology and counseling provide opportunities to acquire knowledge in counseling and assessment skills to assist people in solving problems of living in a multicultural global society. Knowledge and skills are developed in the areas of human growth and development, social and cultural issues, group dynamics, career development, individual assessment and appraisal, research and evaluation, and disability concerns.  Alabama A&M University’s psychology and counseling programs prepare students to apply for certification and/or licensure in their respective disciplines. Below is a list of the graduate programs offered. Click on the link for information regarding a specific program.
Rehabilitation Concentration

Teacher Certification Programs
Our teacher-education programs attract students who are experienced educators that have demonstrated high proficiencies in helping students from diverse backgrounds succeed in school. The department reflects an awareness of the increasingly multicultural aspects of public education in America, and emphasizes a multicultural approach to counseling and psychological services. While qualified students from all geographical locations are welcome, the vast majority of students served are within a one hundred mile radius of North Alabama.

Some students aspire to continue training beyond the required activities and coursework necessary to obtain the master’s or education specialist level certification in school counseling or psychological services. Therefore, an additional aim of the programs is to prepare students for admission to doctoral level training programs in student personnel services. Students can expect to obtain sufficient knowledge of counseling theories, techniques of counseling, assessment methods, and research methodology for admission to more advanced training.

Guidance and Counseling 
School Counseling-AA 
School Psychometry 
School Psychology  


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