Alabama A&M English Department


Alabama A&M English Department

English and Foreign Languages


The Department of English and Foreign Languages contributes to the University by offering general education courses to all students and specialized English, Cultural Studies, and foreign language courses to those enrolled in degree programs.

Mission Statement/Objectives

The Department of English and Foreign Language helps Alabama A&M’s students enhance their communication and critical thinking and analytical skills and develop an appreciation for language and literature. Instruction in the major and minor curricula provides training that will enable students to advance their knowledge of the disciplines and engage in research, as well as creative and practical experiences.  The Department also helps prepare English majors for future careers in professional areas including education, government, and private industry. In addition, our curriculum builds a strong foundation for pursuing graduate degrees in English or other related disciplines. We believe that well-informed, confident individuals equipped with creative and independent thinking will enjoy a variety of opportunities.

The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers a bachelor’s degree in English with two tracks:  literature and language arts teaching.  The Department also offers courses in writing, world literature, French, and Spanish as part of the University’s general education program.

NEW – The Department of English and Foreign Languages is now proud to offer a Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A.) degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern Literature and Culture.  This degree program will provide majors the opportunity to broaden their horizons in the understanding, appreciation, and in-depth knowledge of other cultures by studying their literature and other avenues of expression.  Requirements include two years of Farsi language and courses in the politics and economy of the Middle East.  Additional concentrations are forthcoming.  More information can be found by clicking here.

Programs Offered:
​ ​Bachelor of Arts Degree
​English ​Literature ​English
​English ​English Language Arts Teacher Certification (6-12)
NEW – Cultural Studies Middle Eastern Literature & Culture
​Cultural Studies ​Latin American Literature & Culture – Coming
​Cultural Studies ​Africana Literature & Culture – Coming
The BA degrees we offer in English have two concentrations:
  • The literature concentration provides specialized knowledge of linguistics, grammar and American and British literature.
  • The English/Language Arts Teaching concentration involves training in both English and Education and will lead to certification in Secondary Education, English Language Arts.
Department Graduation Requirements
  1. Complete the University General Education Curriculum requirements.
  2. Complete the Department and Major Curriculum requirements.
  3. Complete the minimum number of semester credit hours required for graduation.
  4. Students pursuing a minor must fulfill the prerequisite requirements for any of the 18 credit hour courses required for the minor.
  5. Students pursuing a program must earn at least 25 percent of the credit hours required at Alabama A&M University.
  6. Students pursuing a program must earn at least 50 percent of course work in the major/concentration/speciality area at AAMU.
  7. Maintain the grade point averages and course grades noted on each curricula page for programs, majors, concentrations, minors, courses, etc.
  8. A grade of “C” or above must be earned in each major course.
  9. Complete six hours of a foreign language.

Our foreign language courses provide two years of instruction in French and Spanish with support from a language lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology and language learning software.

The Department is moving toward the inclusion of a number of new degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.


Dr. Paula C. Barnes


Ms. Loretta Townsend

Administrative Assistant

Campus Location

1 McCormick Building

P: 256.372.5381

F: 256.372.5069

Mailing Address

Alabama A&M University

Department of English and Foreign Languages

1 McCormick Building

Normal, AL 35762

Office Hours

Monday-Friday  8:00-5:00pm


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