Alabama A&M English & Cultural Studies Degree Program

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Alabama A&M English & Cultural Studies Degree Program

The Cultural Studies degree program prepares students to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Students develop an understanding of the nature of culture and how it affects every aspect of people’s lives. With a degree in cultural studies, one would be ready to work successfully for the US State Department, US Intelligence Federal Agencies, international development organizations, international business corporations, global media, and the US Armed Forces.

The degree program for cultural studies at AAMU is for those who are interested in learning about different people and cultures and aspire to build a unique, challenging, and great international career.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Cultural Studies is designed with a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum:

  • General Education courses (50 credits)
  • Cultural Studies major courses (24 credits)
  • Concentration-based courses on career objectives (27 credits)
  • Elective courses (24 credits)

Cultural Studies (with Middle Eastern Literature & Culture concentration) major courses include the following:

  • HUM 301 Film and Culture
  • HUM 310 Middle Eastern Literature in Translation
  • HUM 311 Islamic Mysticism
  • HUM 312 Media in the Arab World
  • HUM 407 Senior Seminar in Cultural Studies
  • FRS (102-202) Basic and Intermediate Farsi
  • SOC 334 Cultural Anthropology
  • ENG 400 Discourse Analysis
  • MGT 458 International Business



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