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Alabama A&M Directory

To locate a person within a specific department, place your mouse over any of the column headings and click the black drop down arrow to filter the list.

To dial a campus extension please dial (256) 372- plus the extension below unless otherwise noted.

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Abdrahim Dr Gamal 4164 Food Science Associate Professor CCA 103A Email
Abengowe Ikechuku 8697 ITS Technology Support Specialist NSB 306 Email
Abernathy Eulasteen 5794 Mathematics Secretary VMC 234 Email
Abernathy Larry 8732 Printing Supervisor Prt Shop CTB 28A Email
Acharya Anil 4147 Civil Engineering Assistant Professor BETB 330 Email
Adams Dr Aaron 4128 Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor BETB 316 Email
Adams Dr Constance 4427 Retention-Persistence Interim Executive Director ThoH 127 Email
Aggarwal Dr Mohan 8132 Physics Chair-Professor VMC 144 Email
Ahmed Dr Nesar 4149 Civil Engineering Professor ETB 329 Email
Alexander Dr James 4794 Econ and Fin Professor NSB 214C Email
Alexander Shirley 5607 Marketing-Public Relations Admin Secretary Patton 303 Email
Alexander Dr Tammy 5239 Reg Insvc Ctr Director CCN 221 Email
Alexander Willie 5065 Baptist Campus Min Campus Minister BH 205 Email
Alexander Everett 4865 Distance Ed-E Learn Digital Media Spec BG 300B Email
Alim Dr Mohammad 5562 Electrical Engineering Associate Professor ETB 202 Email
Allen Cynthia 5953 ITS Operations & Systems Tech LRC 115 Email
Allen Stephanie 8272 Behavioral Science Instructor DH 2 Email
Allen Jamarcus 8464 Electrical Engineering Technician ETB 252 Email
Allen Jamarcus 4327 ITS Technology Support Analyst NSB 311 Email
Amerson Tina 256-233-1707 NACEE Administrative Asst NACEE Email
Anasuri Dr Sadguna 6201 Human Development Associate Professor CCS 112C Email
Anderson Diann 4987 SAES Dean Academic Adv Coord JID 308E Email
Anderson Jacquelyn 8688 Telecom/WJAB Announcer MB Email
Anderson Synethea 8249 Residential Life and Housing Res Hall Director PH Office Email
Arnold Darlene 256-259-3072 NACEE Administrative Asst Email
Artis Yvonne 8790 Telecom/WJAB Executive Secretary MB 131 Email
Ashley Deborah 4299 Psychology Grad Scholar Coord CCN 126E Email
Atluri Dr Venkata 4112 Computer Science Associate Professor BETB 327 Email
Ayers Veronica 8478 Social Work-Graduate Admin Secretary BG 104 Email
Ayokanmbi F Michael 4312 Industrial Technology Instructor ETB 319 Email
Ayokanmbi Gladys 4898 Comptroller Account Manager Patton 105 Email
Babalola Stephen 4131 Technology Research Professor ETB 275 Email
Babalola Stephen 5824 Physics – CIM Research Professor CIM Email
Bailey Carleen 4830 SAES Dean Research Specialist JID 300D Email
Baker Mattie 4021 Military Science Mil Personnel Tech CTB 4 Email
Baker Penelope 4277 Physical Facilities Groundskeeper KB Email
Baker Sharon 8201 Registrar Student Records Spec Patton 204 Email
Balay Lisa 5577 Civil Engineering Senior Secretary ETB 304 Email
Balentine Anthony 8842 LRC Circulation Associate LRC 302 Email
Bandyopadhyay Dr Alak 4146 Computer Science Associate Professor BETB 258 Email
Banks Bonnie 4783 Acctg and OSM Interim Chair-Assistant Professor NSB 202B Email
Banks Diane 8064 Eng-Tech Dean Administrative Specialist ETB 226 Email
Barley Henry 5825 Physical Facilities Electrician KB
Barnard Elizabeth 5825 Physical Facilities KB Email
Barnes Nelson 4121 Computer Science Assistant Professor BETB 331 Email
Basaninyenzi Dr Gatsinzi 5391 English and FL Associate Professor MEFB 07 Email
Batra Dr Ashok 8109 Physics Research Associate CH 141 Email
Battle Deborah 8912 Physical Facilities PF Customer Svc Rep KB Email
Battle Gina 5761 TRIO Office Manager-TRIO BH 136 Email
Battle Marjorie 5503 Ele-Ech Ed Assistant Professor CCN 222G Email
Battle Vivian 4274 Physical Facilities Custodian KB Email
Bekele Gete 8176 Inst Research-Assessment Inst Data Coordinator Patton 308D Email
Bell Tijuana 8221 Field Experience Education Clerk CCN 223 Email
Benford Silles 4277 Physical Facilities Custodian KB Email
Bennett Dr Leatha 5491 ORAS Director BH 105 Email
Benshoff Ann 7255 Athletics Director Administrative Asst EHSB 10 email
Besser Valerie 5809 Residential Life and Housing Support Staff CoH Office Email
Betts Kandace 8756 Registrar Systems Manager Patton 204 Email
Betts Ruby 5313 Technology Admin Secretary BETB Email
Bhat Kamala 4932 Chemistry Assistant Professor CH 408 Email
Bhatnagar Dr Vin 5062 Physics Associate Professor CH 104 Email
Bhattacharjee Sudip 4148 Civil Engineering Assistant Professor ETB 328 Email
Bigenho Dr Frederick 5523 Reading Associate Professor CCN 208H Email
Bishnoi Dr Udai 4204 NRES Professor Emeritus CCTW 208A Email
Blake Elroy 4270 Physical Facilities Plumber KB Email
Boateng Dr Judith 8237 Food Science Assistant Professor ARC Lab Email
Bodrick Robin 5437 FCS Instructor CCH 118 Email
Boglin Deborah 5692 Career Development Secretary Patton 101 Email
Bohlman Allison 4246 NRES Research Asst Tech CCS 218D Email
Bond Dr Edward 5343 Behavioral Science Associate Professor DH 3 Email
Bone Jerrell 4277 Physical Facilities Groundskeeper KB Email
Bone Deitra 8780 CETL Admin Asst LRC 308 Email
Bone Julian 5556 Public Safety Police Officer USB Email
Boone Diane 8177 Registrar Senior Records Evaluator Patton 204 Email
Bording Dr R Phillip 5657 Electrical Engineering Professor BETB 301 Email
Bossie Willie 4113 Computer Science Assistant Professor ETB 146 Email
Bothwell Desmond 4277 Physical Facilities Groundskeeper KB Email
Bowe Norma 5530 Reading Assistant Professor CCN 208D Email
Bowers Bertha 4014 Football Administrative Asst HFH Email
Boyle Cindy 7027 Physics Administrative Assistant CH 323 Email
Bozeman Dianne 8644 OIPRE Research Analyst Patton 305 Email
Bradford Kevin 5810 Residential Life and Housing Support Staff GH Office Email
Bradley Beverly 8010 Financial Aid Accountant Patton 209C Email
Brandon Dr Dorothy 5458 ACES Extension Specialist JID 217 Email
Brasher Malcolm 4028 Military Science Mil Prop Custodian CTB 16 Email
Britton Rhonda 4208 NRES Research Assoc Tech CCTW 219 Email
Brooks Ursula 5550 Title III Technical Assistant Patton 215 Email
Brown Allison 4600 NACEE VUB Admin Asst-Advisor NACEE Email
Brown Dr George 8287 NRES Professor ARC 136 Email
Brown Dr Susan 4085 Telecommunications Professor MB 115 Email
Brown Vickie 4274 Physical Facilities Custodian KB
Brown Michele 5520 CTEL Secretary CCN 207 Email
Brown Larry 8788 Physical Facilities Operations Manager KB Email
Browning Dr Maria 4954 ACES Animal Science Spec JID 126 Email
Bryant Prudence 4729 LRC Ref-Inf Svcs Super LRC 227 Email
Bryant Gregory 4090 Physical Facilities Hazardous Environmental Manager Hester Email
Budak Dr Satilmis 5894 Electrical Engineering Associate Professor ETB 202 Email
Bukenya Dr James 5729 Agribusiness Associate Professor JID 316K Email
Bumpus Corine 4274 Physical Facilities Custodian KB Email
Burgess Kimberly 4585 ACES Youth Volunteer Spec JID 217 Email

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