Alabama A&M Dancin Divas


Alabama A&M Dancin Divas

2017 – 2018 Auditions

Who is Eligible:

Auditions are open to all current A&M students with minimum of a 2.3 GPA and all high school Senior and transfers who have been accepted for the Fall 2017 semester.


  • All current college student must bring verification of their cumulative GPA.
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • 1 Letter must be from a current or former team group instructor, coach, adviser
    • 1 letter must be from a current or former professor, counselor, administrator or employer.
  • Recent head-shot photograph (it will NOT be returned)
  • All candidates must prepare a 1 minute choreographed routine


  • Day 1: Dance shoes, comfortable dance attire and audition attire of your choice.
  • Day 2: Black dance briefs, black sports bra and dance tights.

The Blue And Gold Marching  Machine is the most recognized band in North Carolina and is a top contender in the world of historically bla…

Started by Marcello Caviness

I wouldn’t be shocked if they had another audition in the summer right before band camp.  This should be another awesome year for the divas!!!  Montoya and Tamera are going to be a deadly team.  They’re both super creative and command attention when they dance.

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