Alabama A&M Dance Team


Alabama A&M Dance Team

Student Organizations

​Student organizations provide students with the opportunity to enrich his or her educational experiences at the University by presenting expanded channels of self expression, personal growth, development, and service.

There are approximately 50 Registered Student Organizations on campus.

Types of Student Organizations



Greek Letter – National Pan-Hellenic Council


AAMU Honors Program

Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society

Beta Kappa Chi National Scientific Honor Society



AAMU Bulldog Veterans


Pershing Riffles

Pershing Angels

Performing Arts/Musical

Alima Dance Company

Gospel Choir

House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team

Maroon Dynasty Dance Team

Poetry Club

Sigma Alpha Iota

University Choir




Special Interest

Registered/Recognized Student Organizations

In order to remain an active organization on campus at Alabama A&M University, each group is responsible for completing 50 hours of documented community service within an academic year and organizations with Queens must satisfy 25 hours of documented community service.  Additionally, organizations must sponsor five (5) programs during an academic year.  At least two (2) programs must come from the following thrusts:  Leadership, Diversity, Social Networking, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Emotional Health & Wellness, and Spirituality.

  • Guiding Document – “Life on the Hill Student Handbook”

  • Must register every year with Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development

  • New organization must have a minimum of 10 full-time students

  • Each organization is responsible for developing or providing a mission statement and purpose of the organization, a constitution, a calendar of events, and a roster of their officers and members with contact information submitted in OrgSync to be reviewed by the Organizational Justification Committee

  • Each organization must have 2 Advisors

  • Organizations must comply with all rules and regulations set by the University



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