Alabama A&M Biology (M.S.)

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Master of Science in Biology

The Master of Science program in Biology offers students opportunity for advanced learning in their chosen areas of Biology. Our purpose is to train students broadly in modern biological principles, so that they acquire the strong foundation needed to become highly skilled and intellectually independent scientists. The program is committed to excellence in education, research and service. The degree is a cooperative degree awarded by AAMU or UA Huntsville.

Students may choose a thesis (Plan I), or non-thesis option (Plan II), or Master of Education in Secondary Education, (Plan III). However, students interested in Plan III are required to consult with their major advisor for more details about the Plan. The Biology Master of Science (M.S.) degree is a 30/36 semester hour program, organized into four major components.

  1. A core of required courses (9 credit hours).

  2. An area of specialization (15 – 18 credit hours).

  3. A master’s thesis (6 credit hours) or a terminal research report component and 3 credit hours of elective courses).

  4. Comprehensive examination (non-thesis option) or Thesis and oral defense without the comprehensive examination.

Areas of Concentrations currently offered include: Microbiology, Physiology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Systematics, and Entomology.



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