Alabama A&M Conference


Alabama A&M Conference

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University reflects the uniqueness of the traditional land-grant institution which combines professional, vocational and liberal arts pursuits. The University provides baccalaureate and graduate studies that are compatible with the times to all qualified, capable individuals who are interested in further developing their technical, professional, and scholastic skills and competencies. It operates in the three-fold function of teaching, research, and public service, including extension. A center of substance and excellence, Alabama A&M University provides a setting for the emergence of scholars, leaders, thinkers, and other contributors to society.

President: Dr. Andrew Hugine Jr.

Athletic Department Phone: 256-372-4001
University Website:
Athletics Website:

Northeast Alabama Early Childhood Conference

Save the Date!

For the 8th Annual Northeast Alabama Early Childhood Conference

Hosted by Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School

Albertville, Alabama


Deedee Wills from Castle Rock, CO –

Keynote – Kick Reading Engagement into High Gear

 • Writing Through the Year

 • Guiding Kinders: Math Workshop

 • Guiding Readers:Interactive Read Aloud

Elizabeth Hall from Nashville, TN –

 • Worksheet Free Wednesday

 • Frazzle-Free Classroom and Behavior Management

 • Jump Start to the New School Year

Dr. Esther Howard, Dr. Andrea Minear, and Dr. Alta Knizley from the UWA

 • Magnificent Thingamajigs

Lindsey Rutledge and Emily Jackson

 • Co-Teaching Craze!

Candace O’Shields and Amberly Baugh

 • Managing Behavior for Students with Special Needs…..Not the Same Old Song and Dance

Jamie Bryant and Margaret Cavannah

 • Why Don’t They Get it?Understanding and Thriving With English Language Learners


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