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Access to Banner

Banner has two types of Access: Self-Service and Internet Native Banner.

Banner Self Service

Faculty, students and staff members are given Self-Service accounts. Banner Self-Service is opened from the University homepage and is used for activities such as registration and viewing pay stubs.

  • Student access to Banner Self-Service. Students get a Banner Self-Service account after being admitted to the University. Students use Banner Self-Service to register for classes, check grades and verify records. No additional approval or training needed.

  • Employee Self-Service. All employees are given a Banner Self-Service account when Human Resources create their employee record. Instructional Faculty gets Banner Self-Service access to the Student system based on their position. Faculty and Staff use Self-Service for HR functions. No additional approval or training needed.

If you have forgotten your Banner Self-Service ID and PIN, you can retrieve it here: Get My ID and PIN.

Internet Native Banner (PROD)

Faculty and staff use INB to manage financial, student and human resource information. Access to INB is restricted and must be approved. To justify access, users must demonstrate a legitimate need for access to confidential department data.  Information Technology Services (ITS) requires signature authorization from your Dean, Director, or Department Head, and the Banner module Data Steward in order to process all access requests.  Signature authorization is required to satisfy State Audit requirements.

Instructions for obtaining access to Internet Native Banner (Banner INB)

(1)  Read and follow the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Alabama A&M University

(2)  Print out the Confidentiality Acknowledgement Statement and sign the form.  Deliver the signed Confidentiality Acknowledgement Statement to ITS.  NOTE: ITS will not grant access to Banner INB without a Confidentiality Acknowledgement Statement on file.

(3)  Open the Banner Access Security Form and follow steps below:

        a.  Complete Section 1 and Section 2 by typing in the form online (no white-outs or scratch-outs are accepted)

        b.  Print out the form, sign and date it.  NOTE: if you do not know your University ID (“A” number) you can find it here:  Get My ID and Pin

        c.  Deliver the form to your Department Head/Supervisor.  They will complete Section 3 & 4. No “sign-fors” accepted – only original signatures.

        d.  Finally, deliver the form to the Data Steward Office for approval (see chart below)

        e.  The Data Steward will forward the form to ITS if your access has been approve OR return the form to you if your access has been denied

        f.  NOTE: you may only use one form for access to one Banner module

Functional training is usually required in addition to Internet Native Banner Basic Navigation training.  Contact your Banner Power User within your business unit.

Data Steward Approval

Each Banner Module has a Data Steward.  The Data Steward are responsible for ensuring the security and accuracy of their data in the Banner system.  They make the final decision regarding who can access their Data.

The Data Stewards are listed below for each of the Banner Modules. Example: If you are seeking access to the Banner Student Module, you must deliver your form to Mr. Cedric Arrington for final signature.  If approved, Mr. Arrington would then forward your form to ITS.

Banner Module

Data Steward (Approver)

Finance – Accounts Receivable

Vice President Business & Finance

Finance – Budgeting

Budget Director

Finance – General

Vice President Business & Finance

Financial Aid

Director of Financial Aid

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources



Vendor Information

Director of Purchasing

Further Assistance
If you are having problems accessing or questions about Banner, please contact the ITS Service Desk, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 256-372-HELP (4357), or by using the Help Request Form.



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