Alabama A&M Acceptance Rate


Alabama A&M Acceptance Rate


Freshman Admission Requirements:

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University is committed to admitting students whose academic records indicate a high potential for success.  The university, consistent with its mission, is dedicated to providing higher education access and opportunity.  We recognize that some students have potential for success not clearly evident through test scores alone.

Therefore, to be fully accepted into Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, one must have a Composite Predictive Index (CPI) score of 18 or higher.  The CPI score is a combination of the high school grade point average  (GPA) and ACT/SAT scores.  The GPA however, cannot be lower than a 2.0.
Re-admit Students:

Students who have been previously enrolled at the University but have been absent for a period of one semester or more must reapply to the University.

Special Students:

Students mush show evidence of high school completion. Special students must make application for admission each semester in attendance. Students admitted to the University as special students are permitted to take a maximum of 12 semester hours before meeting requirements for regular status.

Transient Student Admission Requirements:

Students must submit a letter of permission or good standing from the institution in attendance. Transient students must make application for admission each semester in attendance.

All applicants for admission are required to have a cumulative un-weighted grade point average (GPA) of a 2.0 and an American College Test (ACT) score of at least a 18 or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of at least a 940.


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