Alabama A&M Athletics


Alabama A&M Athletics

The administration and staff of the Department of Athletics espouses a student-centered philosophy, which ranks academic achievement as the number one priority for its student-athletes.

….ranks academic achievement as the number one priority for its student-athletes

Toward this end, the Department of Athletics is committed to providing a comprehensive and inclusive intercollegiate and intramural athletics program for men and women, which further promotes the academic, sportsmanship, and total development of the student-athletes.

Further, the Department is committed to working cooperatively with other constituents of the University to ensure the production of competent and ethical contributing graduates who are capable of making the transition from university life to the workplace and into today’s multicultural society.

Embodied within this mission is the concept of an effective athletics program which values success in competition, success in academic and personal development of student-athletes, success in graduating student-athletes, success in fully maintaining compliance with the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), and Title IX.

The University is further committed to a program of staff development in providing minorities the opportunity for full employment and development in the athletics program.


Name Class year Notability Reference(s)
John Stallworth 1974 (MBA 1986) National Football League Hall of Fame member, Former Pittsburgh Steelers player; four time Super Bowl champion; Four time Pro-Bowler. Founded government contracting firm, Madison Research in 1986.
Robert Mathis 2003 National Football League NFL Pro Bowl defensive end for Indianapolis Colts
Jearl Miles Clark 1989 Gold Medal Olympian; holds the American record in the women’s 800 m at 1:56.40.
Mickell Gladness 2008 Former National Basketball Association player. Only player in NCAA Division I history to record 15 blocks in a single game
Obie Trotter 2006 International Professional Basketball player and 2006 NCAA season steals leader
Desmond Cambridge 2002 All-time NCAA single season steals leader
Howard Ballard 1987 Former National Football League player (2 time Pro-Bowler, 4 time Super Bowler)
Mike Williams (tight end) 1982 Former National Football League player
Ronnie Coleman (American football) 1974 Former National Football League player, running back for the Houston Oilers from 1974 to 1981
Jamaal Johnson-Webb 2012 Current National Football League offensive lineman
Frank Kearse 2011 National Football League Current National Football League defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins
Johnny Baldwin 2006 Former National Football League player (Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins)
Joe Patton 1994 National Football League Former Tackle for the Washington Redskins
Brick Haley 1989 National Football League and College football defensive coach
Robert Prunty 1988 Cincinnati Bearcats football Offensive Coordinator
Nigel Moore (basketball) 2003 Former college and professional basketball player
Frank Sillmon 1989 Named one of the five greatest players in A&M program history by ESPN College Basketball Encyclopedia
Willie Hayes (basketball) 1989 Former AAMU basketball player and current head men’s basketball coach
Cleon Jones former Major League Baseball player
Dannette Young-Stone 1986 Former track athlete, who won U.S. Olympic gold and silver medals in the 4 X 100 relay in 1988 and 1992
Mfana Futhi Bhembe 2008 former soccer player for the Bulldogs who went on to play in soccer leagues in Swaziland and in Major League Soccer.
Barry Wagner 1989 Former Arena Football League player
L. Vann Pettaway 1980 Former men’s head basketball coach
Jean Harbor 1986 Former soccer player for the Bulldogs who went on to play in various soccer leagues in Nigeria and the United States
Lwazi Maziya Former soccer player for the Bulldogs who went on to play with Mbabane Swallows of the Swazi Premier League and the Swaziland national football team.
Mfana Futhi Bhembe Former soccer player for the Bulldogs and Swazi footballer.

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