UAH Rate My Professor

UAH Rate My Professor

If you want to major in meteorology, UAH is a fantastic choice! The professors are incredible, the ATS people are exactly like you (trust me, it’s scary), and grad students become some of your best friends. We have more opportunities as freshmen than those at OU do. I wouldn’t trade going to UAH for meteorology for anything.

Dr. Leahy is a wonderful professor! I took him for Microbiology I and Senior Seminar. He knows me by name, helps me whenever I ask, and is very humble and sweet yet so intelligent. Go to class, take good notes, and expect every note he goes over to be on the test. Ask questions and talk to him if you need help. He is there for you! Top notch guy!

Ms. Thompson is a fair teacher. She grades homework a little hard but gives a lot of extra credit. Her quizzes are tricky, but aren’t worth a huge percentage in the class. Everything on the tests is covered in class, and she gives you an idea of the types of problems that will be on the test. The final is harder than the tests. Do the extra credit.

Mrs. Betty Thompson is a wonderful teacher. I am a math major, and I enjoy her theory teaching. She does her best to make the engineers happy. I would recommend putting a majority of your time into DE – that really helps. There is a quiz every week, and she gives pop quizzes on days where few people come to class. Her tests are easy.


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