UAH Qualtrics

UAH Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a web-based software solution that allows users to create surveys, collect feedback and poll for data using a variety of distribution means, and generate reports without having any previous programming knowledge.


You can access Qualtrics here. Simply click the link, provide your Charger credentials, and update your account information by supplying your full email address and name. Once you have agreed to the terms, you’ll be able to create a survey and more. Please note:

  • If Qualtrics is to be used in conjunction with biomedical or behavioral-based research involving humans, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval may be required.
  • Users are responsible for their own data; including any database queries for the purposes of identifying the population of survey responders.
  • Users must also adhere to FERPA regulations and best practices when sharing data.


Modern Web browser with JavaScript enabled.
The Skin-to-Skin Beliefs (S2SB©) is designed to measure the beliefs of healthcare professionals about implementation of skin-to-skin (S2S) in the operating room (OR) for alert and responsive mothers and their babies during an uncomplicated cesarean. We are inviting you to participate in this study to test the validity and reliability of the S2SB© and to describe these beliefs. To participate, please respond within 10 days. It will take 15 minutes to complete the S2SB©. Completion by the deadline entitles you to be enrolled for a chance to win a $250 giftcard.


The return of your completed S2SB© constitutes your informed consent to act as a participant in this research. There is a potential risk of loss of confidentiality with the use of email and Internet transactions. Another risk of participation is the time required to complete the S2SB©.



Instructions:  Review the following statements regarding your beliefs about S2S care in the OR during an uncomplicated cesarean for alert and responsive mothers and their babies. Think about your individual practice. Use the definitions and abbreviations provided at the top of each page. Choose the number associated with each item that most closely matches your beliefs today about S2S care in the OR. Use the scale provided, 1-6. 1 = strongly disagrees with my beliefs about S2S care in the OR; 6 = strongly agrees with my beliefs about S2S care in the OR.

Use the following definitions and abbreviations when completing the items below.
Skin-to-skin:  Mother cradles her naked newborn prone on her bare chest
Exclusive breastfeeding:  Baby fed only breastmilk from birth (no other liquids or solids except liquids with vitamins, minerals, medicines)
S2S= skin-to-skin
OR= operating room


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