Roles and Responsibilities:

Principal Investigator (PI)

The PI is responsible for the overall development and content of the proposal; may delegate aspects of preparation to administrative and scientific staff, but remains ultimately responsible for all aspects of the proposal as submitted.

  • Reviews sponsor requirements—both standard and non-standard
  • Develops the scope of work and determines the resources necessary to complete the project
  • Prepares the budget and justification in collaboration with your Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Contract Administrator or Contract and Grant Coordinator, including confirming allowable budgeted items and verifying time/effort commitments, salaries, and rates (fringe benefits, F&A), tuition, cost sharing; etc.
  • Communicate with OSP as early as possible during budget preparation regarding preparation of Small Business Subcontracting Plan, if required.
  • Consults with the Department/Dean/Center Director regarding the use of space and personnel, cost sharing, international activities and other key issues, as needed.
  • Secures all university commitments required for proposal. This includes Human and Animal subject protocol(s) or any other institute approval, i.e. biohazards, radioactivity, export controls, Foundation Relations, Fabricated Equipment approval and Subgrants.
  • Complies with all state and federal regulatory requirements.
  • Completes Conflict of Interest information requests and submits Disclosure, if required; ensures all other Senior/Key Persons do the same.
  • Complete required RCR training, if required; ensures all other personnel do the same.
  • Provides ready to submit proposal to OSP representative in accordance with established policies and procedures.

 Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) prepares the budget, reviews the proposal, advises, provides institutional endorsement, and submits proposals.

For additional information on preparing and submitting a proposal, please click here.

Preparing and Submitting a Proposal:

Objective: This document outlines the key components and procedures for preparing and submitting proposals to external sponsors at UAH.

What you need to know:

Five-Day Calculator

This tool has been developed to help determine when a proposal is due to OSP.


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