UAH Nursing

UAH Nursing

The College of Nursing is dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals to become nurse leaders who act with integrity, discover through scientific methods, and advocate for the best health care experiences of people and communities in a complex and evolving health care environment. In collaboration with our university colleagues and community partners, we are committed to excellence through our teaching, scholarship, practice, and service.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The undergraduate program at UAH provides two pathways to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) – a traditional one for students seeking their first professional nursing education and a program for registered nurses with diplomas or associate degrees in nursing.

Program Objectives

  1. Practice nursing as a generalist using the nursing process and clinical reasoning based on ethical, legal, and professional standards and principles.
  2. Translate research and utilize evidence-based practice to promote quality healthcare across diverse, vulnerable populations and cultures.
  3. Examine healthcare policy, care delivery models, and organizational systems for current and future healthcare needs within the clinical setting.
  4. Demonstrate characteristics of leadership and accountability to promote effective interprofessional collaboration in healthcare systems.
  5. Display proficiency in the use of patient care technologies, healthcare information systems, and communication devices to support safe and competent nursing practice.
  6. Engage in lifelong learning and participate in professional activities that enhance the nursing profession.
  7. Recognize the nurse’s role in bio-immunogenetic technology to promote safe and competent nursing practice.

Master of Science in Nursing

Graduate tracks offered through the College are focused on preparing advanced practice nurses in direct care provider roles as a family nurse practitioner, acute care nurse practitioner, adult clinical nurse specialist, or in an indirect care provider role as a leader in health care systems. The Master of Science degree is awarded upon successful completion of one of these five tracks.

Advanced practice nursing is distinguished by autonomy of practice and characterized by both increased complexity in clinical decision making and skills in managing organizations and health care environments.

Comprehensive health assessment skills provide a foundation for the critical thinking used in diagnostic decision making and treatments of complex human responses of diverse individuals, families, and communities to health problems. Advanced practice nursing students are guided in classroom and clinical experiences to formulate clinical decisions to manage common health problems, acute and chronic illnesses, and promotion of wellness.

Theory and research form a central core of knowledge for all tracks in the master’s program. Building on content in these areas, all students integrate education, management, leadership, and consultation into their clinical experiences as they practice in a variety of settings. Practice sites for clinical courses are individually arranged with the student. Classes are usually offered one day per week and may be offered on campus, or through web-based courses.

Students who successfully complete their program of study are eligible to sit for the national certification examination in their area of expertise.

Graduate Program Objectives

  1. Implement clinical decision making skills in the delivery and management of diverse populations in a variety of settings.
  2. Synthesize theoretical foundations, knowledge of science and humanities, and scholarly inquiry to provide clinical prevention, patient therapy and system improvement to improve patient outcomes in diverse populations.
  3. Analyze healthcare policies and information management systems to affect patient outcomes in diverse populations through organization and systems leadership and interprofessional collaboration.
  4. Incorporate human, fiscal, and technological resources in providing and managing advanced care for improvement of patient and population outcomes.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical principles, quality, safety, and equality in healthcare.
  6. Assume responsibility for life-long learning by translating and integrating scholarship in practice and prepare them for doctoral education in nursing.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

The University of Alabama in Huntsville, College of Nursing offers both the Post-Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) to DNP and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to DNP pathways. The added content in the BSN to DNP pathway will allow a seamless progression from the completion of a baccalaureate degree to advanced practice. Advanced practice specialty training at the doctoral level is needed to address the growing complexity of patient care and health care systems. In addition, expanding accountability of clinical expert nurses in advanced practice roles requires competencies in population-based care, leadership, health policy, health system improvement, research and evidence-based practice.

The existing Joint DNP program will continue until existing students have completed requirements for the DNP degree.

The purposes of the DNP program are to prepare graduates at the highest level of nursing practice to:

  • provide complex hospital and community-based care for patients and families.
  • redesign and evaluate nursing and health care systems.
  • address dire shortages of clinical nursing faculty to mentor and educate new nurses.

DNP Program Highlights

  • Very competitive tuition with no additional fees regardless of residence. See for yourself.
  • Nurse Faculty Loan Program is available for students who plan to teach after graduation. Loan supports tuition, books, software, and other reasonable educational expenses.
  • Fully online program with one required orientation on campus and annual DNP Intensive in Spring semesters.
  • Eligible students include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives, and individuals certified in leadership/administration or informatics.
  • Enrollment as either part-time or full-time student.

UAH DNP Graduates

“DNP education allows me to influence what changes I want to see in healthcare. Combine that with evidence based practice and change is almost inevitable.”
Dee Dee Gardner, DNP, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC
Cullman Regional Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PC

“Completion of the DNP program at UAH expanded my realm of possibilities, challenged me to dig deeper and created a network of nursing colleagues that provide insight and resources for professional growth and interaction.”
Lynn Hogan, DNP, RN
Nursing Depart. Chair // Calhoun Community College

Program Objectives

The graduate of the DNP Program will:

  1. Synthesize scientific evidence for the development of clinical interventions for practice.
  2. Evaluate policy, care delivery, and organizational systems for current and future health care needs.
  3. Demonstrate intra and interprofessional collaboration to address health disparities and to improve health care quality across diverse populations and cultures.
  4. Incorporate knowledge of current and emerging health technologies to improve care delivery and organizational systems.
  5. Translate scientific, theoretical, and ethical principles into health care for individuals, families, and populations.
  6. Assume complex leadership roles to advance clinical practice and health care delivery at the organizational and systems level and to improve health outcomes of individuals and populations.
  7. Advocate for social justice, equity, and ethical policies in health care.
  8. Deliver evidence-based care using clinical reasoning and analysis of complex healthcare issues to improve patient outcomes.

The DNP focus is to prepare expert practitioners who can also serve as clinical faculty. The DNP will initially be offered as post-master’s entry to nurses with a specialized advanced nursing master’s degree.


For information about the BSN Undergraduate Program contact:

Mailing Address

UAH College of Nursing
Office of Undergraduate Programs, NUR 227
Huntsville, AL 35899





For information about Graduate programs and RN-BSN program contact:

Mailing Address

UAH College of Nursing
Office of Graduate Programs, NUR 214
Huntsville, AL 35899






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