UAH North Campus Residence Hall

UAH North Campus Residence Hall

Why are Honors College upperclassmen living in the North Campus Residence Hall (NCRH)? Many Honors College upperclassmen received an email this summer requesting that they move from Frank Franz Hall to NCRH. This request received some confusion because this was the first time Frank Franz Hall was full. In the past, there was always enough room for the Honors students, both freshmen and upperclassmen, in the past.

The upperclassmen moved to North Campus Residence Hall after they had received their room assignments in the spring because of the new freshmen class. Orientation Leader Daniela Archie said, “The incoming freshman class was so large that we had to add an orientation in June in order to accommodate the vast numbers.” In the Honors College alone, there are 229 freshmen, which is an 86% growth from last year. The growth in this year alone is quite impressive and encouraging to Honors College faculty and students alike. Honors College Dean Dr. Wilkerson said that, “Honestly, we didn’t expect this many freshmen to live on campus because many were local, but I believe that it is important for students to live on campus for at least one year.”

Right now, Frank Franz Hall is at 95% capacity; approximately 50 of those residents are upperclassmen. The rest of the on-campus Honors College students reside in different resident halls, but one in particular stands out. NCRH was considered to be a residence hall for the international students. That has changed this year. Not only are there five suites that are completely Honors, there is also a Resident Assistant assigned to that floor as part of the Honors College. Dr. Wilkerson stated that, “We would like to start a new community in North for the Honors College. Many of our upperclassmen do not want to leave the Honors community. We’ve actually had people in the past move to Charger Village, and then decide to move back to Franz because they loved the community there.”

North Campus Residence Hall is ideal for more Honors Students because it is located across the courtyard from Frank Franz Hall. Some options previously discussed include making NCRH exclusively upperclassmen, or creating a mixed community of not only upperclassmen, but freshmen as well. Although there are many plans up in the air for the location of Honors College upperclassmen, North Campus Residence Hall is definitely the top choice.

For more information about the Honors College, see the website at, or the various social media pages such as the public Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram page. More information about general housing is at


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