UAH 2017 Spring Course Listing

UAH 2017 Spring Course Listing

Spring 2017 COURSE LISTINGDates: 01/09/2017 – 05/03/2017As of: 05/16/17 03:50:02 p.m.

ACC   -Accounting                                          
ARH   -Art History                                         
ARS   -Art Studio                                          
AST   -Astronomy                                           
ATS   -Atmospheric Science                                 
BLS   -Business Legal Studies                              
BSE   -Biotechnology Science & Engine                      
BYS   -Biological Sciences                                 
CE    -Civil Engineering                                   
CH    -Chemistry                                           
CHE   -Chemical Engineering                                
CM    -Communication Arts                                  
CPE   -Computer Engineering                                
CS    -Computer Science                                    
ECH   -Early Child & Early Special Ed                      
ECN   -Economics                                           
ED    -Education                                           
EDC   -Education Collaborative                             
EE    -Electrical Engineering                              
EH    -English                                             
EHL   -English Linguistics & TESOL                         
EM    -Engineering Management                              
ENG   -Engineering                                         
ESS   -Earth System Science                                
FIN   -Finance                                             
FYE   -First Year Experience                               
GENL -General Transfer Credit                             
GS    -Global Studies                                      
GY    -Geography                                           
HON   -Honors College                                      
HPE   -Health & Physical Education                         
HY    -History                                             
ILC   -Intensive Language & Culture                        
IS    -Information Systems                                 
ISE   -Industrial & Systems Engineeri                      
KIN   -Kinesiology                                         
LIB   -Library                                             
MA    -Mathematics                                         
MAE   -Mechanical & Aerospace Enginee                      
ME    -Mechanical Engineering                              
MGT   -Management                                          
MIL   -Military Science                                    
MKT   -Marketing                                           
MOD   -Modeling & Simulation                               
MSC   -Management Science                                  
MTS   -Materials Science                                   
MU    -Music                                               
MUA   -Music Applied                                       
MUE   -Music Education                                     
MUJ   -Music Jazz                                          
MUX   -Music Ensembles                                     
NUR   -Nursing                                             
OCS   -Office Career Services                              
OPE   -Optical Engineering                                 
OPT   -Optics                                              
OSE   -Optical Science Engineering                         
PH    -Physics                                             
PHL   -Philosophy                                          
PRO   -Professional Studies                                
PSC   -Political Science                                   
PY    -Psychology                                          
SOC   -Sociology                                           
SPA   -Space Science                                       
ST    -Statistics                                          
TH    -Theatre                                             
VS    -Visiting Student                                    
WGS   -Women's & Gender Studies                            
WLC   -World Languages and Cultures                        



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