UAH Lancers

UAH Lancers

Made up of current students at UAH, the Lancers serve as the official ambassadors for the university. Each semester, they donate at least 15 hours of their time – and often much more – to give campus tours; assist with Commencement, Convocation, and formal events held at the President’s private residence; and promote a positive image of the university on campus and in the community.

The Lancers are governed by an elected executive committee consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, programs officer, and public relations officer. They are overseen by a staff advisor, who reviews applications and processes all requests for assistance.

Lancers receive a small scholarship, an official blazer, and a lapel pin.

Today, the Lancers are known as the official ambassadors of UAH. But back in 1973, when then-president Dr. Ben Graves and the university’s executive committee founded the group, it was called “Hosts and Hostesses.” The name was formally changed to the Lancers shortly thereafter, in a nod to the UAH mascot at the time, a knight holding a lance and charging forward on his horse.

In 1979, the Lancers came close to folding. But with the support of Margaret Wright, wife of then-president Dr. John Wright, participation in the group rebounded. Later sponsors included Dr. Tom Tenbrunsel and Dr. Sara Graves.

In 1993, the Lancers began a pinning ceremony for new members and began selecting honorary Lancers on an annual basis. Honorees have included, former UAH President, Dr. Frank Franz.  Although the group no longer recognizes honorary Lancers, the pinning ceremony still takes place in the fall of each academic year at the President’s home.

In 2014, the Lancers celebrated their 40-year anniversary. And each year, more graduates join the 300+ alumni who once served as Lancers during their academic career at UAH.


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