UAH Honors College

UAH Honors College

The UAH Honors College delivers an intimate, elite college experience at a public university price. We blend a traditional emphasis on arts and sciences, critical thinking, and communication skills with a practical, career-oriented education. We offer you small, inspiring classes that you will love and unparalleled research and career networking opportunities.

The Honors College program is compatible with any major or program of study and requires no extra coursework. You take Honors versions of courses you would already take. The courses aren’t typically more work, they’re just enriched. Student mentor programs, additional advising, priority registration, special activities, and other benefits are available. If you join the Honors College, you will be eligible for Honors Housing: live in a community of motivated Honors Students who enjoy Honors-dedicated activities, study rooms, and common spaces. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and see what life is like as an Honors Student at UAH.


Honors Capstone Project

As a student in the UAH Honors College, you will be expected to complete a scholarly or creative thesis, typically during the senior year. Your Honors Thesis is the capstone experience of the Honors College, thereby bringing together your Honors preparation and your education in a particular discipline or combination of disciplines. Many theses are suitable for publication in journals or conference proceedings. All Honors theses are housed and published electronically through the UAH Salmon Library. Click here to access the Library’s electronic copies.

Honors ContractsHonors Internship

An internship actively involves the student in an organization outside of an academic unit at the university. Most internships are pursued off-campus. Honors Internship at UAH is conducted as a credit-earning course. See the Honors Handbook for complete information. Internships are generally scheduled to match the academic calendar, mid-August to early December, January through early May and mid-May through mid-August.

Matthew Hale Aly Blakely working for John Harrison attorney.


Students who are interested in an Honors Internship should contact the Honors Office in advance of the semester you intend to do the internship. To get Honors credit for the internship, you register for HON 400. There are other opportunities for off-campus credit, some of which are listed below.


We welcome interested sponsors! If you are with an organization or agency that would like to sponsor an internship, feel free to contact the Honors Office for more information.

I believe that the Honors College has helped me the most during my time working as an intern by teaching me how to think critically. One of the most emphasized parts of our Honors College is that we are expected to think on our own, not just repeat information that has been given to us. Learning to think like this has certainly helped me with my job.

Honors Intern

 Honors Summer Stipend Program

The HSSP provides a $1000 stipend to qualified Honors Students to help cover expenses associated with a summer internship.

  1. To qualify, applicants must be Honors Students in good standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher) and must be enrolled in the fall term following the summer for which they are applying.
  2. Application is made through the Honors College Website.
  3. Application deadline for Summer 2017 is April 3.
  4. Students do not need to enroll in the Honors Internship course to receive this stipend, however, the Honors College will require verification of the internship. For example, a letter from the internship supervisor.

Honors Summer Stipend Program Application

Honors Nursing

The Honors College offers a specialized Honors upper-level curriculum for College of Nursing students. Honors students in Nursing have the option of completing the full 24 hour Honors Diploma or a 12 hour Honors Certificate. More information on Honors Nursing.

Early Promotion into UAH Nursing Program (EPNP)

The Early Promotion into UAH Nursing Program (EPNP) is an exciting new Nursing Program being offered by The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) College of Nursing. Highly qualified students who enter UAH as freshmen, declare Nursing as their major, take all lower division Nursing coursework as listed in the BSN lower division program of study on the UAH campus, and meet the requirements listed below will be guaranteed a slot in the upper division Nursing courses. Since students will also be eligible to enroll in the UAH Honors College, it is an expectation that students enrolling in the EPNP will also apply and enroll in the UAH Honor’s College.

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Honors College

Frank Franz Hall
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899

 256.824.7339 (Fax)


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