UAH Admissions office

UAH Admissions office


Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:15 am – 5:00 pm

UAH will be closed on the following days:
  • Monday, May 29, 2017
  • Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mailing Address

301 Sparkman Drive
Student Services Building, Suite 106
Huntsville, AL 35899


800.UAH.CALL (800.824.2255)



Admissions Contacts

Undergraduate Admissions Information

Peggy Masters

Director of Undergraduate Admissions256.824.2771

Residency Information

Linda Stanley

Administrative Assistant256.824.6752

International Undergraduate Admissions Information

Sabrina Williams

Director of International Student Recruitment and Processing256.824.2744
800.UAH.CALL (800.824.2255)

Athletic Compliance

Julie Woltjen

Director of Athletic Compliance256.824.7853

Undergraduate Admissions Staff

Alicia Abernathy

Admissions Counselor 256.824.5624

Timothy Anderson

Admissions Processing Counselor 256.824.5185

Morgan Gilley

Admissions Counselor  256.824.5373

Vangie Bryant Harris

Campus Visit Coordinator 256.824.2773

Brooke Hornfeck

Admissions Counselor 256.824.2936

Zach Ivey

Admissions PROCESSING Counselor 256.824.2747

Haley Lewis

Senior Associate Director of Admissions 256.824.2767

Peggy Masters

Director of Undergraduate Admissions 256.824.2771

Ashley Miller


Renita Mills-King

Admissions Coordinator 256.824.1534

Autumn Nelson

Admissions Counselor  256.824.2828

Libby Netherton

Admissions Counselor  256.824.2769

Ale Pacheco

Admissions Counselor  256.824.2710

Adam Smith

Assistant Director of Enrollment Information Systems 256.824.5251

Anna Beth Thomason

Admissions Counselor 256.824.2362

Laura Valada

Admissions Counselor 256.824.2829

Brittany Willis


Our admissions counselors take a personal interest in assisting you with the admission process and in ensuring your future success as a Charger. We are here to answer any questions you may have about UAH.


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