UAH Graduate Scholarships

UAH Graduate Scholarships

UAH graduate students interested in receiving scholarships should submit a scholarship application by December 15th of each year for priority consideration. If you currently have a scholarship, check your scholarship description to determine if submitting a scholarship application each year is required.

UAH Competitive Scholarships

Competitive Scholarships are made available to students through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University. Student eligibility is based on a variety of criteria including academic interests and achievements, special talents, and demonstrated leadership. The UAH Scholarship Application is used to determine eligibility for all competitive scholarships. The priority deadline for submission of this application is December 15th. With their competitive nature, new students are urged to apply soon after admission to the University. Applications received after this date will still be considered for any remaining awards after the initial selection process has been completed.

See Competitive Scholarships for a description of all UAH competitive scholarships.

Important Scholarship Dates

August 1 Competitive scholarships application available
December 15 Deadline for priority consideration of competitive scholarships (student must be admitted).
January-April Competitive scholarship application review
April 1 Financial Aid award letters mailed
May 1 Acceptance deadline for all scholarship offers
How do I accept my scholarship?

Once a competitive scholarship application has been submitted, changes can only be made by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

For additional scholarship opportunities for graduate students, please contact the Office of Financial Aid 256.824.6650 or

Requested changes may be emailed to

Please note that a requested change will necessitate changing your application password


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