UAB Application Instructions

UAB Application Instructions:

Congratulations on taking the first step towards an exciting college career at UAH! The Admissions team is looking forward to working with you throughout the enrollment process. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have and make your application process as smooth as possible.  Assistance is available at 256.824.2773, 800.824.2255 or

  1. The online application requires you to enter a Login ID and PIN. If you are a returning user enter your Login ID and PIN that has already been created and click “Login”
    If this is your first time to login click “First Time User Account Creation”

    1. Create a Login ID using up to nine alphanumeric characters
    2. Create a PIN using six numbers
    3. Enter your PIN again to verify
    4. Select “Login”
      Note: make sure to write down the login and password you created in case you need to return to your session.
  2. The next screen asks you to select an application type and click “Continue”.
    1. US Citizens: Please select the application designated as U.S. Citizens Only.
    2. Permanent Residents and Visa Holders: If you currently hold a Visa, are a Permanent Resident or are applying for a Visa please select the application designated as International.
  3. The next screen asks you to select your admissions term, enter your first, middle, and last name. Once entered click “Fill Out Application”.
  4. The next screen is the application checklist. Please fill out all sections of the application. A checklist is provided to help you complete it. You can complete the sections in any order you wish. Note:the application automatically saves as you are completing the steps.
    1. As you complete the sections of the application click “Continue”
    2. You can click “Checklist” at any time to save your changes and to go the Application Checklist.
    3. You can also click “Finish Later” at any time to exit your application. Note: make sure to write down the login and password you created for next time.
  5. Once you have completed the Application Checklist click “Application is Complete” Note: Once you have submitted a complete application, you can no longer make changes to that document.
  6. You must then agree to the terms, or you will be directed back to the Application Menu page and your application will not be submitted.
  7. The next screen takes you to the Application Fee Payment.

    1. Enter your credit/debit card billing address and click “Submit Payment”.
    2. Follow the steps by entering your credit card information and submitting.
  8. Mail any transcripts or test scores to:
    UAH Graduate Admissions
    SSB 222
    301 Sparkman Drive
    Huntsville, AL 35899

    Note: To check the status of your application log back into your banner account and click on your completed application. This will pull up an application summary. Here you can see if we are missing any items and your application status.



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