UAH Canvas

UAH Canvas

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that UAH has adopted as a replacement to ANGEL (by Blackboard). It’s a comprehensive cloud-native software package that allows for communication between faculty and students, online coursework and testing, and more. It supports integration with technology such as clickers and lecture capture. It is easy to use, and users can access documentation and support from within the application.

What is the hierarchical structure for Canvas accounts?

The terms account and sub-account are organizational units within Canvas. Every instance of Canvas has the potential to contain a hierarchy of accounts and sub-accounts but starts out with just one account (referred to as the top-level account). Accounts include subaccounts, courses, and sections, all of which can be added manually in Canvas, via the API, or via SIS imports.

View Hierarchy

View Hierarchy

Once a hierarchy has been created, admins can be assigned to specific sub-accounts to limit their scope of what they can change as well as making the courses and people they manage more specific and relevant to them.

Permissions trickle down through the hierarchy but not up. Admins at one level (or account) in the hierarchy have admin permissions at that level as well as in any sub-account of that account. Admins can move courses within their sub-accounts, but not between them unless they are also the admin of the parent account of each sub-account.

With the exception of Terms, SIS Imports, Authentication and a few account settings, most settings and items can be modified or, in the case of permissions, overridden in a sub-account.

View Subaccounts

Sub-accounts are often used to manage permissions and organizational hierarchy within an institution. For example, sub-accounts can be created for individual colleges within a university, or for schools within a district. Sub-accounts can also be created within sub-accounts, such as when a college subdivides into departments that subdivide into programs, or a school that subdivides into grade levels that subdivide into specific subjects.

Many clients set up sub-account organizational structures that mirror their SIS or registration systems. Sub-accounts can be manually or automatically created within Canvas using integrations from other systems.

Single Sign-On


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