University of Alabama at Birmingham Residency Program

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Welcome to UAB Department of Pediatrics!

A pediatric residency is designed to build the foundation for a rewarding and successful career in Pediatrics. When choosing a program, people and patient exposures are the crucial aspects that make a great experience. The Pediatric ResidencIntern Welcome Party y Program at University of Alabama at Birmingham is a resident driven program that provides diverse general pediatric training in a state of the art pediatric hospital, Children’s of Alabama. During their training, residents have the opportunity to explore every aspect of pediatrics from outpatient to critical care medicine and every subspecialty within the field. Providing extensive hands on experience results in superbly trained pediatricians and allows graduates to be confident in their decisions. Each year residents say the strength of our program is the people. A family atmosphere among residents and with faculty makes for a tremendous work environment. While a pediatric residency is challenging, the UAB Pediatric Residency Program prepares residents for success: both within your time at UAB and in your future career.
UAB graduates are leaders in Pediatrics. The environment here fosters independent thinking, problem solving, and team work while fostering and encouraging resident goals and ideals. It is because of this that many Pediatric Department Chairs, Residency Program Directors, Division Directors, biomedical researchers, NIH Study Section Chairs, journal Editors, and a former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in addition to the countless community leaders all received their Pediatrics training at UAB.



UAB Department of Pediatrics
1600 7th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233-1711
Phone: (205) 638-9589
Fax: (205) 638-9977



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