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University of Alabama at Birmingham Recreation Center

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham Campus Recreation Center is a multi-purpose facility designed to house activities–both educational and physical–for the promotion of health and fitness.

This dynamic brick-and-glass building also houses administrative offices, with conferencing and seminar spaces for wellness classes. The interior spaces are tied together with an oval-shaped, one-eighth mile track which slices through the lobby, basketball and soccer courts-and even exits the building through a glass tunnel suspended three floors above the ground, then re-enters with dramatic views to the fifty-foot-high climbing wall. A storage area houses equipment that students can check-out for outdoor field trips and canoeing

Alabama is no stranger to excellent athletics and fitness, which is why it’s no surprise that the University of Alabama at Birmingham has dedicated its 152,275 square foot recreation center to developing student abilities…

Mission Statement

The Department of Campus Recreation strives to enhance transformational learning and the quality of life for the UAB student body & community by providing diverse programs & an inclusive environment.


An enhanced lifestyle of healthy living for the UAB community.



Demonstrating a committment to honesty, transparency and consistency by modeling and teaching ethical behavior through campus recreation programs and services.


Creating intentional partnerships for the shared purpose of supporting student success and achieving university goals.


Placing student development and student success at the core of everything we do.


We operate our programs and facilities at the highest level of safety, quality and customer service.


Providing a service to all our participants and members by fulfilling their personal and fitness needs.

Locate Us On Google

UAB Campus Recreation Center
1501 University Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35233



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