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University of Alabama at Birmingham Public Health

The School of Public Health was established in 1978 when Dr. William Bridges established a program to address community health problems. His activity captivated a great deal of press and attracted the attention of Dr. Jarvis Ryals, a neurologist, 1965 UAB graduate, and donor. He initiated the creation of the building that the school now occupies and requested that it be named after his parents.

For over thirty years, the School of Public Health has continued Dr. Bridges’ crusade to improve health and living conditions in local Alabama communities and has expanded that vision to all areas of the world. Through research, education, and community outreach, we address community and global health problems and train the next generation of innovative public health workers.

The mission of the School of Public Health is to lead in developing, disseminating and applying knowledge to prevent disease and promote health in the human population.  Because of its inherent breadth, public health is comprised of many disciplines. Thus the school achieves its mission by bringing the various disciplines together to educate individuals who will be working to prevent disease and improve the health of the school’s constituent populations.  These individuals include experienced public health and other health professionals, undergraduates with education backgrounds in the sciences, and persons from developing countries with health-related backgrounds.  An implicit part of this mission is a commitment to increase and validate, through research and practice, the body of knowledge upon which the school’s educational programs are necessarily based.

Contact Information

Dean: Max Michael, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs: Peter M. Ginter, MBA, PhD
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Suzanne E. Judd, PhD
Undergraduate Student Advisors: Nicole Gravitt, MA
Michelle Henry, MA, NCC
Advisor’s Contact Number: (205) 934-4993
Major Offered: Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Minor Offered: Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Competencies

  • Understand historical milestones in public health and how they influence current practice.
  • Explain disease processes from a biological, environmental, social and behavioral perspective.
  • Identify the role of health disparities in studying the health needs of communities and improving population health.
  • Describe how data and study design methodology are utilized in quantifying public health problems.
  • Communicate public health approaches, messages, and findings effectively both orally and in writing.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Degree Concentrations

The bachelor’s degree is designed to give students a foundational understanding of public health issues and methods. The UAB School of Public Health will offer a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with concentrations in the following three areas:

  • Environmental Health Sciences Concentration
  • Global Health Studies Concentration
  • Public Health Concentration




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