UAB Online BS in Psychology

UAB Online BS in Psychology:

The online Bachelor in Science degree in Psychology can be taken completely online without any on-campus requirements. This provides more flexibility as to when and where coursework is completed, and makes the program available to students outside of UAB’s geographic area. Students enrolled in the online program will benefit from interacting with peers from other states and even other countries. This will add immensely to your perspective and broaden your network of colleagues.

About Our Online Courses

Close up of a man's hands on a laptopUAB’s online psychology courses are delivered 100% online. The online courses count for the same credit and appear on your transcript in the same manner as campus-based courses.

The format of courses can vary depending on the teaching style of the instructor and the course content. Instruction can take place synchronously (all participants in the course log on at the same time), asynchronously (participants log on and participate as their schedule permits), or a combination of both. All course content is accessed through UAB’s learning management system, Canvas, which includes a variety of tools to make the course experience more engaging. Some of the tools used within the online psychology courses include virtual classroom lectures, multimedia, chat, and discussion boards. You can learn more about online programs and courses on the UAB Online website.

Program Requirements

The program requirements for the online degree are the same as the campus-based degree program. The major requirements consist of 24 credit hours of required courses, six hours in advanced coursework, and nine hours of elective courses in psychology. All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Why Choose UAB Psychology

It is no accident that psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at UAB, graduating over 170 students each year. The range of disciplines to which it is applied is virtually limitless: business, government, education, research, and healthcare, to name just a few. The department has 32 primary faculty members, as well as over 75 secondary, adjunct, and clinical faculty from a variety of these disciplines who will assist you in finding the area of study that best suits you. Learn more about the Psychology Undergraduate Program at UAB.

Ready to Apply?

Information about financial aid, admissions requirements, transcripts, and more can be found on UAB’s Admissions website. You can also explore available scholarships for UAB College of Arts and Sciences students on the UAB BSMART scholarship system.

Get Started

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