((University of Accountancy and Law)) ₤USA฿

((University of Accountancy and Law)) ₤USA฿:

The BA (Hons) Accounting and Law degree course aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of law and accountancy including the legal aspects of accountancy and accounting theories and their strategic applications to firms and organisations operating within a changing global environment. Students will demonstrate progression throughout their course of study to develop the ability to apply knowledge to problem situations and provide solutions to unresolved debates demonstrated over a wide number of issues within law and accountancy and allied areas.

Through use of a wide range of concepts, approaches and learning techniques the course intends to equip students with a range of personal, intellectual and numerical skills in preparation for a career in accountancy management with added legal knowledge to enhance their abilities within this chosen area of employment.

Semester 1 Starters:

Level 4
Semester 1 Semester 2
C 4LW003 Contract Law C 4AC002 Financial Accounting Techniques
C 4LW014 Professional Development and Skills C 4LW015 Obligations in Contract and Tort
C 4AC003 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting C 4AC007 Costing
Level 5
Semester 1 Semester 2
C 5LW010 Commercial Law C 5AC001 Budgeting and Financial Control
C 5AC003 Management Accounting: Decision Making Techniques C 5AC004 Taxation of Individuals
C 5LW008 Alternative Dispute Resolution Law and Skills C 5LW009 Intellectual Property Law
O 5LW022 Supervised Work Experience (Sandwich Year option)
Level 6
Semester 1 Semester 2
C 6AC003 Business Taxation C 6AC004 Strategic Management Accounting and Control
C 6AC002 Auditing C 6LW013 Company Law
C 6LW016 International Trade and Finance Law O 6LW002 Research Methods & Project
O or

6LW011 Community Link

Entry requirements

2017 Entry

  • ‘A’ levels at grades BBC – CCC
  • BTEC National Diploma grade MMM
  • BTEC QCF Extended Diploma grade MMM
  • BTEC QCF Diploma grade DD
  • Access to HE Diploma full award (Pass of 60 credits – of which a minimum of 45 credits must be at level 3 including 18 at Merit or Distinction).
  • If you’ve got other qualifications or relevant experience, please contact The Gateway for further advice before applying.
  • Successful completion of the foundation year of our BA (Hons) Law and Social Sciences with Foundation Year guarantees entry on to this course
  • International entry requirements and application guidance can be found here
  • Successful completion of the International Foundation Year in Social Sciences guarantees entry on to this course




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