University of Alabama at Birmingham Nursing Prerequisites

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University of Alabama at Birmingham Nursing Prerequisites

Pre-Nursing Course Requirements


      Area I: 6 hours       Area II: 12 hours
      Written Composition total       Humanities and Fine Arts total
    EH 101 English Composition I 3       Literature* 3 (or 6)*
    EH 102 English Composition II 3       Arts 3
                Humanities 3
                Elective 3
      Area III: 11 hours       Area IV: 12 hours
    Natural Sciences and Mathematics total     History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences total
    CH 105/106 Inorganic Chemistry 4     PY 101 Psychology 3
    CH 107/108 Organic Chemistry** 4**     PY 212 Developmental Psychology 3
    MA 105 or 110  Pre-Calculus or Finite Math 3       History* 3 (or 6)*
                Elective 3
      Area V: 18 hours       Additional Pre-Nursing Requirements 2 hours
    Additional Pre-Nursing Requirements total     NUR 100 or other approved FYE course total
    BY 115 Human Anatomy 4       TOTAL: 61 hours  
    BY 116 Human Physiology 4        
        * Student needs either a 6-hour sequence of literature or history.
    BY 261 Microbiology 4    
        ** Students may otherwise take any additional science with lab
    NTR 222 Nutrition 3    
        (excluding Geology and Astronomy).  
      Descriptive Statistics 3      
UAB is an equal education opportunity institution.         (over)  


The Dean’s Nursing Scholars Program  This program insures entering freshmen directly out of high school with a guarantee of admission into the School of Nursing upon successful completion of the required undergraduate pre-nursing foundation and core classes.


Eligibility A high school senior with a composite ACT score of 24 or above or an equivalent composite SAT score.

  • A minimum high school grade point average of 3.2 in the academic classes required for admissions to UAB.
  • Admission through the UAB Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Year Dean’s Nursing Scholars Plan

Eligibility For students applying for the UAB Dean’s Nursing Scholars Program

  • For High School students with more than 15 credit hours of AP or Dual Enrollment credit taken in High School

Application to UAB before December 1st for priority consideration, and applications will be accepted

The composite ACT or SAT score, the applicant’s high school academic grade point average (computed on subjects required for undergraduate admission to UAB), number and scores on AP and DE courses and all additional application material will be used in the selection process for the UAB Dean’s Nursing Scholars 3.5 Year Program.

The UAB School of Nursing Honors Program  Applications are accepted once a student has gained admission into the School of Nursing. The Honors Program allows for research experiences that engage students, faculty, and staff with the community to identify and meet community needs and to enhance academic and civic learning.

Benefits – Students who successfully complete the Honors Program will receive a certificate of acknowledgement at the UAB Honors

Convocation and will graduate “With Honors in Nursing.” Students who participate in both the UAB Honors Program and the School of Nursing Honors Program will graduate “With University Honors in Nursing.”

BSN-Upper Division Nursing Studies (5 semesters)

Fall / Spring Admission (nursing students complete their studies in five consecutive semesters including the summer terms)


    Semester 1 Sem Hrs     Semester 2 Sem Hrs
  NUR 310 Concepts of Professional Nursing 3     NUR 321LNursing Skills Development II 1
  NUR 311L Nursing Skills Development I 2     NUR 322Concepts of Behavioral Health Nursing 3
  NUR 312L Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 2     NUR 323L   Concepts of Behavioral Health Nursing Practicum 2
  NUR 313L Concepts of Professional Nursing Practicum 2     NUR 324Pharmacotherapy & Disease Process II 3
  NUR 314Pharmacotherapy & Disease Process I 2     NUR 326Concepts in Adult Health Nursing I 3
  NUR 315 Population Focused Health Care 2     NUR 327L   Concepts in Adult Health Nursing I Practicum 2
            NUR 336Leadership 2
    Semester 3 Sem Hrs     Semester 4 Sem Hrs
  NUR 388 Concepts in Adult Health Nursing II 3     NUR 392    Concepts of Maternal Child Health Nursing 4
  NUR 389L Concepts in Adult Health Nursing II Practicum 2     NUR 393L  Concepts of Maternal Child Health Nursing 3
  NUR 334 Pharmacotherapy & Disease Process III 2     Practicum  
      NUR 410Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing  
  NUR 409Q  Health Care & Information Technology 2     2
  NUR 428 Concepts of Community & Public Health Nursing 2     NUR 426Concepts of Complex Nursing 2
  NUR 429L Concepts of Community & Public Health Nursing 2     NUR 427L   Concepts of Complex Nursing Practicum 2
    Practicum       NUR 431L   Nursing Skills Development III 1
    Semester 5 Sem Hrs     Please Note:  
  NUR 447L Synthesis and Assimilation Practicum 4     Students may deviate from this curriculum plan only with permission from
  NUR 449 Synthesis Review 1     the BSN Program Director.  
  NUR 448   Transition to Professional Nursing 2        
  NUR Nursing Elective 3     Q = Web-based,  L = Lab or Clinical  


Students that successfully complete the program requirements will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Where can I get more information?

Internet Website:

    UAB Advisement
UAB Office of School of Nursing Advisors (GPA >=3.0) Vulcan Materials Academic Success
Undergraduate Admissions Center Advisors
(205) 934-8221 Kimberly White & Lauren Tancock (GPA < 3.0)
1-800-421-8743 (Last name A-K) (Last name L-Z) 205-934-8184 |  Education Building 238 J1 205-975-7529 | Nursing Building 901 13th Street South

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