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Undergraduates majoring in Kinesiology choose from one of three concentrations: exercise science, fitness leadership, or physical education teacher certification.

Exercise Science Concentration

This concentration prepares students for graduate study in the exercise science sub-disciplines of biomechanics, metabolism, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and sports performance and for entry into professional graduate programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, dentistry, and optometry.

Fitness Leadership Concentration

This concentration prepares students to become fitness directors and instructors in community (non-profit), commercial (public and private), and clinical (hospital) settings while also preparing them for graduate study (specifically a master’s degree in exercise physiology) and further professional advancement.

Physical Education Teacher Certification Concentration

This concentration prepares students to become physical education teachers and athletic coaches for children and adolescents from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 while also preparing them for graduate study and the additional certifications and advanced employment opportunities that follow.


The Kinesiology program offers to non-majors the opportunity to minor in athletic coaching or exercise science.

Athletic Coaching Minor

The minor in athletic coaching equips students with the knowledge and skills to become effective coaches.

Exercise Science Minor

The exercise science minor is useful to a range of health professionals including future physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, nurses, physical education teachers, and dietitians.


Kinesiology graduate students may choose from one of several master’s degrees. In addition to traditional and alternative physical education teacher certification master’s degrees and an exercise physiology master’s degree, the Kinesiology program also offers a post-master’s education specialist degree for those who have completed their M.S. teacher certification.

Exercise Physiology

This master’s degree prepares students for advanced employment opportunities in community, commercial, clinical, and corporate health or fitness facilities and for doctoral study.

Physical Education
Teacher Certification

The Kinesiology program offers a traditional master’s degree (for those who have Class B teacher certification), an alternative master’s degree (for those who do not have prior teacher certification), and a post-master’s educational specialist degree, all of which prepare students for the corresponding levels of state-issued teacher certification.
Traditional Master’s
Alternative Master’s
Educational Specialist

Kinesiology Degrees

The Kinesiology program in the Department of Human Studies offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. After earning a bachelor’s degree, a student may choose to pursue one of two master’s degrees and a post-master’s Educational Specialist degree.

Concentration Minor Bachelors Alternative Masters Masters Educational Specialist
Athletic Coaching        
Exercise Physiology        
Exercise Science      
Fitness Leadership        
Physical Education  

Alabama Educator Certification
Online Courses 




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