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UAB Student Media  is the home of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s student-run media outlets. They include Kaleidoscope , an award-winning weekly newspaper; BlazeRadio, our 24-hour online radio station live on the TuneIn app; Aura, a much-heralded literary arts magazine; and UABTV, original, web-based video programming. UAB students operate all media. The articles, posts, newscasts and opinions are solely those of its student writers, producers, editors, deejays, etc. and do not reflect that of the university, its administrators or the Student Media advisors.

Our mission is to be a renowned media organization that provides students with co-curricular experiences that will empower them to be great leaders, communicators and storytellers.
Kristina Balciunate
Assistant Branding and Outreach Manager

Late April at UAB can only mean one thing: finals week is almost upon us. To help you prepare for long days and late nights of cramming for your exams, we’ve put together a list of places around Birmingham, both on and off campus, to make your studying a little more bearable.

INTO UAB at Sterne Library


If you have not yet seen the new study areas at Sterne Library, you are missing out. Modern, comfy and spacey are just a few words to describe the new study areas. The new couches, chairs and tables and the atmosphere in general seems to be designed to accommodate stressed students. There are also outlets within a three foot radius of any piece of furniture and even inside of some of the furniture. So pack your laptop and climb the stairs to the second floor to see for yourself if this was well worth the wait.

In front of the Hill Student Center


Just because finals are coming up, doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on some vitamin D. The tables in front of the Hill Student Center are fully equipped with both USB and regular outlets, so your gadgets, knowledge and tan will be fully charged.

Behind Spencer Honors House

This is definitely an underrated outdoor study spot. Being located right beside the Humanities Building and the Alys Stephens Center makes it the perfect outdoor spot between classes. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere can even make you forget that you are on campus. Tall trees cast a shadow over the tables and the sweet breeze flowing through the leaves relieve the stress of upcoming lab report deadlines.



2221 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N

Its location in the heart of Uptown makes Octane the perfect place to go if you feel like getting away from campus without leaving the city. Outlets can be found near almost every table. The windows are tall, which helps to clear the mind, especially if you have been stuck on that math problem for hours. The coffee is also affordable. An iced coffee will only cost you $2.75 and they’ll even give you a refill for just one dollar. If you enjoy relaxing to alternative/indie music dimmed in the background, leave your headphones at home, because that is provided. This is one of the few coffee shops in the area that is open as late as 10 p.m.

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